Replica Transmog

Replica Transmog is, without a doubt, the most profitable items I’m able to acquire from the Darkmoon Faire. The recent changes from the Shadowlands pre-patch mean these items have had an item level and a level adjustment (squish). These changes mean that the previous level restriction of level 60 to purchase these is now as low as level 22, and instead of item level 60, these are as low as item level 28 now.

Obtaining Darkmoon Faire Tokens:

Participating in Darkmoon Faire mini-games, handing in Darkmoon quest/artifacts will reward you with Darkmoon Prize Tickets. Check out the links above to find out more. On average, we can earn at least one Replica Transmog item per Month; this is why these pieces demand high prices on the Auction House. You can bypass this limitation if you have alts or participate in the mini-games and dailies every day.

Replica Transmog:

The cheapest Replica Transmog, will set you back 55 Darkmoon Prize Tickets, whilst the most expensive, will cost you 75 Darkmoon Prize Tickets. A brief rundown of the pieces available for each item slot.

55 Darkmoon Prize Tickets75 Darkmoon Prize Tickets

It’s essential to inform you that two vendors sell different gear; this may also affect your pricing. Barum and Baruma are the vendors of interest.
If you’re unsure what each Replica set looks like, below are the different collections.

Pricing Your Replica Transmog:

Pricing your Replica pieces can be straightforward. Wowhead has estimated prices on the specific page for each item, but if you’d prefer something reassuring, check out The Undermine Journal. Below I’ve added three options to price your Replica pieces successfully.

DBMarket – Market Value:

Market Value will return the current value for any given realm. The benefit to this is you get the best price based on your realm.

DBRegionMarketAvg – Region Market Average Value:

DBRegionMarketAvg is the average of DBMarket across all the realms in your region for a particular item. Using this option can have an adverse effect, as you could lose value under-pricing on lower pop realms or missing sales overpricing pieces on higher pop realms.

Static Gold Values for Darkmoon Tokens (How I value my items):

Assigning a gold value based on the artifacts purchased to earn Darkmoon Prize Tickets is the method I use. For example, if we paid 2000g for all nine artifacts (85 Darkmoon Prize Tickets); we divide 2500g by 85 = 23.5g per Darkmoon Prize Tickets, round it up to 50g, and get the following;

Replica pieces at 55 Darkmoon Prize Tickets = 2,750g
Replica pieces at 75 Darkmoon Prize Tickets = 3,750g

The prices above are the absolute minimum we should sell these to prevent a loss. For the normal price, I set to 50,000g and 75,000g for the maximum. Please adjust the prices to your preference! Rest assured I sell these pieces regularly between 25-50k, so don’t be alarmed by the high prices shown above.

Selling Complete Sets:

If you have collected a full set and have the time and patience, be sure to use the Trade chat channel to bark, this option can demand a significant value for your collection, which will save a lot of hassle for customers.

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