New UI and Clean Up of Addons…

I’ve had a pretty interesting weekend, with the joy of changing my UI and cleaning up my Addons. My previous UI was Elvui. I have used this for almost 2 years and the time had come to freshen it up and look for an alternative. With a number of different UI’s out there, I’ve been fortunate enough to see so many, due to watching many streams. Thankfully, one UI has interested me from the off and i saw it via watching Wowprofitz channel on Twitch. The UI is called SupervillainUI.

Being familiar with the setup of Elvui, setting up SupervillainUI was an absolute breeze due to the similarity of the setup process. Most of the tasks, was making sure the old UI was clean from my computer, limiting any possible issues upon installing the new UI. If you’ve not seen or heard anything of SupervillainUI, basically it’s based around a comic theme hence the title. Click on the link HERE to see the addon in full swing, from the creator.

I’ve also got rid of 70 addons, yes… you read that correctly, 70! Most had become redundant and my pure laziness not to remove them, and just purely deactivate them finally came to an end. I can already see a vast improvement in performance and FPS, not that it was sluggish to start with, but every little help eh?! The only downside to cleaning the addons folder, was the miss-hap of not saving my TSM3 and Auctioneer files that had all my data. Reassuringly, I can get my TSM3 strings that I had pasted, from here. Sadly, no Beancounter data for Auctioneer meant no data from previous scans. *Quietly sulks in the corner*

Anyway, Sunday is the restart of the grind and making gold, please do keep following and hopefully, I can share some fantastic tips with you to help build your gold balances…

Thanks for reading, peace out!

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