Family Guy’s adaptation of Leeroy Jenkins; Veteran Guy…

You may have been fortunate to have caught Family Guy‘s latest episode Veteran Guy (season 16 episode. 14), with a small adaptation of World of Warcraft‘s legendary clip; Leeroy Jenkins. if not… check out the video below.

Episode Summary: After Peter and the guys get caught pretending to be military veterans and are found guilty of the Stolen Valor Act, a judge sentences them to join the U.S. Coast Guard.

Credit: Animation on Fox 

I personally enjoyed it. I would love them to do a full episode based off the game. I’m sure they wouldn’t be short of ideas. How about you, would you like to see something more? 

World of Warcraft Classic & Battle for Azeroth Confirmed!!

Yes…! Blizzard has finally answered the communities desires and have released information regarding World of Warcraft Classic. Blizzard authentic Vanilla servers are finally coming (BACK)! For those that were around in Vanilla, this was excellent news for them for nostalgic purposes. For myself, (who only started playing WoW in later WotLK), this is an opportunity to finally get to experience what Vanilla was like… legitimately!

No confirmation on how Blizzard will create the Classic servers, (i.e. full Vanilla or Vanilla with some of the tweaks through the later expansions). I’m hoping for no heirlooms, no Dungeon finder/LFR and more importantly as a gold maker, proper grinding for gold. Gold was a hard commodity to come across in Vanilla, well, it appeared so, watching a lot of the classic footage on YouTube and I’m looking forward to experiencing that when Classic becomes available to us. At the time of this blog, no time frame was set for release, maybe that will be determined upon Blizzard getting the blades back, they auctioned off… LOL

Here’s the cinematic if you’ve missed it!

As anticipated throughout today, the new expansion World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth has now been confirmed! So far we’ve been informed of the new Artifact Medallion (The Heart of Azeroth), return of World PvP and obviously, the new grind to level 120! These are only some of the things mentioned, there’s a lot more information within the video below! I think it’s fair to say, a lot of the community have been yearning for World PvP, I just hope they get it right. PvP as of late has been disastrous, I’d love them to revert back to dedicated PvP gear/stats, and continue to improve the balance between all the classes as fair as possible, it will be a massive improvement if they do.

Fair to say, Bajheera and Swifty are licking their lips with anticipation… 😀

If you’ve not seen the cinematic, then I’ve added a link below, check it out!

It’s early into the night for myself, but I can’t wait for the World of Warcraft – what’s Next panel, happening in the next 45 mins. No doubt a lot of information regarding the above and an  lot more insight into the new expansion. I so can’t wait, it’s fair to say I’m like a kid in a candy store… 😛

Until next time, thanks for reading! For the Horde!

Nostalrius and Warcraft Legacy Servers Survey

As you may, or may not know, Blizzard ordered Nostalrius to shutdown via it’s server hosts a couple of weeks/months ago, thus bringing the private Vanilla server to an abrupt end. At the time of the closure, Nostalrius had approximately 800,000 registered accounts and 100,000 active players. They also had 13,000 players playing on a single server at any one time, which given the limits Blizzard had is absolutely staggering. To give you a sense of how vast this was, here’s an uploaded video via YouTube of the final minutes on the server.

As you’ll know via social media, this subject has picked up some pace since the private server closed. This is hugely thanks to the player base and most notably the acquisitions of Sodapoppin and ex World of Warcraft lead Designer, Mark Kerr. Together they’ve made a great argument, and proven why Blizzard should introduce Legacy servers. To help their cause, the Nostalrius team started a petition, with the view of hitting 100,000 signatures, to show Blizzard that enough players would be willing to play Legacy servers if introduced. Amazingly, they’ve surpassed 250,000 signatures. With the pressure of the petition, the backing from Mark Kerr, Sodapoppin and many more streamers, Blizzard have acknowledged that there might be some value in creating Legacy servers and have invited the Nostalrius team to the Blizzard campus for talks.

Here’s a link to the Nostalrius Petition to Mike Morhaime.

If you wish to help give the Nostalrius team every possible chance to get these Legacy servers, then please do take a moment of your time and fill in the survey which I’ve linked below. Even if you’ve not played Vanilla before, or maybe you’re a player that’s recently un-subbed and don’t like the direction the game is going, feel free to fill in the survey and help build a strong case for the Nostalrius team.

Nostalrius Survey

Blizzard know all too well themselves, that their subscriptions are decreasing with every month that passes and there’s no sign of it halting anytime soon. You know when things are bad, it’s when Blizzard no longer choose to disclose their quarterly subscription figures. They used to do it in the past, but if they did still publish them now, I’m sure it would prove that World of Warcraft was in a serious decline.

What’s sad, is we still have over 3 Months until Legion is released, what do Blizzard expect us to do within that time? I remember when they said Warlords of Draenor would have more content and less waiting, well… I’m still waiting…lol.

Anyway, please get involved, spread the word and hopefully, we can save this game we all obviously love… well if you didn’t, you’d not be here… right?! 🙂