World Event: Midsummer Fire Festival

World Event: Midsummer Fire festival

Midsummer Fire Festival:

In World of Warcraft, we celebrate a World Event called Midsummer Fire Festival. This event coincides with the first day of Summer, alternatively known as the longest day. The Summer Solstice occurs between the 20th and 22nd of June in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Event Start and Finish?

The Midsummer Fire Festival event is available from the 21st of June, 2023, and is accessible to players for two weeks, ending on the 5th of July, 2023. This year’s event also coincides with the new event: Welcome to Sanctuary!

What Can I Do?

The event itself has many daily quests; when completed, you will earn a small amount of experience, gold, and some Burning Blossoms. Burning Blossom is a currency you can obtain and turn in to a vendor for items of interest. Sadly, as gold-makers, only two items that are Bind on Equip (BoE).

Be aware there is an issue completing the Quest: Torch Tossing within Stormwind. Due to the addition of The Trading Post, the positioning has skewed up the Braziers, meaning the current target doesn’t align properly. Instead of targeting the Braziers, aim for the arrow(s) instead.

Honor the Flame:

With the event: Welcome to Sanctuary running, we get an extra 50% experience gains. I’d urge you (if you’ve not done so already) to obtain both add-ons: Handynotes and Handynotes_SummerFestival. These will mark your map with locations of bonfires, simply click on the bonfire, or interact with an NPC at a hostile bonfire to earn experience.

You can do this while AFK by using flight points and then manually flying to the nearby bonfires. Remember to use the heirloom Scouting Maps if you have unexplored destinations. You can purchase heirloom Scouting Maps for 10k gold each from your nearest heirloom vendor. The Scouting Maps for the Battle for Azeroth regions cost 80g and will be consumed once used!

With the chance of conflict low, it’s worth enabling War Mode. To extend your Rested Experience, ensure you equip six pieces of Heirloom Gear to reduce the use of Rested Experience by up to 60%!

Frost Lord Ahune:

There’s also a boss: Frost Lord Ahune, whom you can defeat once per day, per character. To access this boss, join a group via the Group Finder tool. Completing the daily quest, you’ll receive some gold, experience, and a Knapsack of Chiled Goods.

When you loot the boss, if you’re level 70, you’ll have a chance to loot ilvl 385 gear! Ensure you hand in the quest: Shards of Ahune, to Luma Skymother before you leave the instance! If you have a gathering profession, look out for Herbs and Ore, which can further increase your experience.

Burning Blossom:

Be aware any Burning Blossom (event currency) unspent when the event ends will be deleted from your inventory.

Items of Interest:

When we’ve collected 350 Burning Blossom, visit your nearest Midsummer Supplier. The Supplier holds two Bind on Equip (BoE) and one Bind on Pickup (BoP) Companion Pets.


The Captured Flame is a unique item; this means that you can only have one of these items within your inventory at any one time. To bypass this, you can either place your excess in a Guild Bank or learn them and cage them; the pet will become a Spirit of Summer. The Battle Pet loses its unique tag, thus meaning you can have more than one Spirit of Summer within your inventory.

Although the Igneous Flameling is Bind on Pickup, learn the Companion Pet and cage it into a Battle Pet, and you can freely sell the Battle Pet on the Auction House!

Valuing My Items:

Once we’ve obtained our Companion Pets, we can use our trusted source, The Undermine Exchange, to calculate how to get the best bang for our buck. As these are Companion Pets and Bind on Equip (BoE), we can either sell them as they are or cage them and sell them as Battle Pets on alternative realms.

These results are based on selling them as Companion Pets using E.U and U.S Region Median Value via the Undermine Exchange. Values correct as of 22/06/21

Companion Pet E.U Median U.S Median
Captured Flame 75000g 00s 150000g 00s
Blazing Cindercrawler 49500g 00s 75000g 00s

Alternatively, learn the Companion Pets and cage them into Battle Pets. The valuations below are of a level 1. You could demand an extra 5-10k if you want to level the Battle Pet to level 25. Values correct as of 26/06/23

Battle Pet E.U Median U.S Median
Spirit of Summer 14898g 00s 14987g 00s
Blazing Cindercrawler 24999g 00s 27999g 00s
Igneous Flameling 20899g 00s 19999g 00s

If you want exact valuations of your Companion/Battle Pets for a specific realm, please input your desired realm within the Undermine Exchange. A reminder that the values used above are a Region Median Value (an average across the Region).


This event is one of the lesser World Events for gold-makers due to the small number of available items to sell. However, if your realm dictates it, you can get a substantial amount of gold for those items. The benefit of Battle Pets is that you can cage them and sell them in alternative realms.

If you’re looking for an easy option to level characters while mainly AFK, this event is for you. With the Diablo IV World of Warcraft cross-over event: Welcome to Sanctuary in progress, you can level characters quicker than in previous years!

This is extremely easy to complete for someone that levels characters on multiple accounts.


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[UPDATE] Information updated for 2023!

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