What’s Happened?!

Some of you know me through Facebook, so will already be aware of this news, for those of you who don’t know and wondering where I’ve been, I hope this blog post can offer some light.

On the evening of Tuesday 18th September, my wife Sharna, experienced a heart attack at home. Thankfully I wasn’t at Pool, in fact, I think I was posting expired auctions on World of Warcraft. My daughter Emily called me downstairs to inform me Sharna wasn’t feeling well, so quickly rushed downstairs.

When I got to Sharna I knew straight off the bat, something wasn’t right. She explained to me her symptoms and I was 100% sure it was a heart attack! We promptly got an ambulance and within an hour in A&E, an ECG and blood test confirmed what I had feared.

Sharna had experienced a couple more heart attacks during her stay, but it wasn’t till Friday 21st that they called for an emergency Angiagram as the Cardio consultant wasn’t happy with the results of her Echo scan. The Angiagram showed a blockage in the artery, but it was far too narrow to use a stent. So she’d been put on medication to fix the issues instead.

Sharna was discharged the following day (Saturday 22nd) and fingers crossed, things have been improving extremely well. Today (Sunday 30th) is the 2nd week of her recovery, which means she can increase her workload, in a bid to get 100% recovery, but we’re not rushing anything.

Sharna works full-time as a support worker, so it’s imperative if she’s to return, that she’s 100% better. Her consultant has given us a minimum time frame of 4-6 weeks from discharge date, but has warned us, people recover differently, so use the time-frame as a guide.

Anyway, I hope this shed’s a little light on my absence. I’m not 100% sure when I’ll be back, currently, I’m looking to log on when Sharna is asleep behind me, so know nothing can happen. No time-frame on my full-time return. I had promised some #FF I will see what I can do this coming Friday (5th October) no promises though. I know you’ll understand. For those #FF from last Friday, thank you very much, I won’t forget to mention you all when I’m back!

Cya all soon!

4 thoughts on “What’s Happened?!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that, how fortunate you were home. It must be quite the shock to recover from. I wish her a speedy recovery, and hope things will be okay.

    • Many thanks for the well wishes!

      Definitely was a shock and I’m very grateful I was home. She’s slowly improving as the weeks go, but obviously taken things very carefully.

      I hope you’re well Alunaria!

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