Welcome to Sanctuary

Event: Welcome to Sanctuary

Welcome to Sanctuary:

Following the end of A Greedy Emissary, the Event: Welcome to Sanctuary will begin! The event is a cross-over event within World of Warcraft celebrating the release of Diablo IV. What’s promising is the experience/reputation bonus coincides with other events throughout June and July, thus increasing the bonus further!

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Event Start & End:

A date for your diaries! The Event: Welcome to Sanctuary will begin on the 15th of June, 2023, at 10 am and end at midnight on the 12th of July, 2023.

The Delayed Start:

The Welcome to Sanctuary and A Greedy Emissary were initially supposed to start together. However, the developers felt the benefit would be helpful for players returning from Diablo IV back to World of Warcraft!

The alteration allows players to play Diablo IV for two weeks, knowing they won’t miss the leveling benefits of Winds of Sanctuary.

Winds of Sanctuary:

During the Event: Welcome to Sanctuary, all players will receive a buff: Winds of Sanctuary. The buff will reward players an increase in experience by 50% and a 50% increase to all reputation gains, except Loamm Niffen.

If you have alts to level, this opportunity is ideal for bringing those characters up to level 70! Check out the upcoming events that coincide with this event, and you’ll appreciate how much experience/reputation you can gain!

Timewalking Mist of Pandaria:

Be aware that from the 14th of June, 2023, Timewalking: Mists of Pandaria begins. It was already possible to earn good experience leveling characters via Timewalking, the convergence of both events will add a lot more incentive!

Event Start: 14th of June at 6 am. Event End: 21st of June at 5 am.

World Event Midsummer Fire Festival:

The Midsummer Fire Festival brings an assortment of activities to do. With gaining experience from lighting festival bonfires throughout Azeroth, you’ll be pleased to know the experience will be increased further with the buff: Winds of Sanctuary. Don’t forget to complete the quests associated with the event!

Event Start: 21st of June at 10 am. Event End: 5th of July at 10 am.

Bonus Event World Quests:

You’ll be pleased to know the Weekly Bonus Event: World Quests returns during the Winds of Sanctuary. As long as there are no late changes, this should further increase the reputation gained from completing World Quests within the Dragon Isles!

Event Start: 28th of June at 6 am. Event End: 5th of July at 5 am.

Timewalking Warlords of Draenor:

And believe it or not, there’s one more Timewalking event before the Welcome to Sanctuary event finishes. This time it’s Timewalking: Warlords of Draenor. Although some of the Dungeons are unforgiving, it’s worth increasing those Draenor reputations, or maybe the Garrison too?!

Event Start: 5th of July at 6 am. Event End: 12th of July at 5 am.

Darkmoon Faire:

With the Darkmoon Faire coming to Town on the 2nd of July, you’ll also get the additional 10% experience from the buff: Whee! Complete the easy-to-complete Profession quests, and you’ll see how quickly you’ll level within the Darkmoon Faire too!

Event Start: 2nd of July at 12:01 am. Event End: 8th of July at 11:59 pm.


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