Class Guides & Database:

Wowhead – Without a doubt the number one go-to website. Class guides and a great source of information for every item in the game. I’ve used their data for my farming guides. So thank you to them, I’ve credited them, where necessary.

Icyveins – An alternative to Wowhead for class guides. – Alternative website for Database and calculators.

​Auction House Information:

TradeSkillMaster (TSM) – Not only do they have a great addon, but they also have a great website and support, full of options to enhance your gold-making capabilities. They have a great group creator, which I use to import my data from Wowhead to create my TSM groups.

The Undermine Journal (TUJ) – Is undoubtedly the best source of pricing data for items on the Auction House. If you don’t have it already, I’d recommend getting their addon too!

WoWuction – The website isn’t as prominent as it used to be, due to changes to the Auction House and possibly EU data privacy changes. But a decent alternative to The Undermine Journal for pricing data.

wow-pets – My favored resource for level 1 and 25 Battle Pet average prices. I use this data to price my Battle Pets.


Curseforge (Twitch app) – If you’ve downloaded an addon for World of Warcraft, there’s an excellent chance you’ve downloaded it from here. A vast library of helpful addons.

Statistical Data for Realm Populations:

WoWRealmPopulation – Realm-pop used to be the go-to site for realm population statistics, but there’s a new kid on the block. It is an excellent site if you’re planning a realm transfer and want some realm information, before the big leap.

WoWProgess – is another realm population statistic site, but it also adds further information regarding Guilds, Players, and progress if you’re looking for a Guild!


Isboxer (Lavish Software) – This is a paid program, I’ve had a subscription for several years and recommend this software to anyone interested in multiboxing. A Friend Code link is here, which will direct you to sign up if you’re interested.

​If you use the Friend Code link, these are the benefits:

  • ​If your friend purchases a subscription, you get at least 30 days for free, and your friend gets at least 15 days for free!
  • ​If your friend purchases at least one year of subscription, you get a total of 45 days for free, and your friend gets a total of 30 days for free!

Quality of Life Websites:

WoWLazyMacros – A site packed full of one-button macros for nearly every class. If you enjoy multiboxing, or maybe you struggle to play World of Warcraft due to a disability, then this is an excellent site for you!

Pastebin – This is where I store all my TSM StringsUI settings, etc.

WoWEconomy – This is where all the gold-makers of World of Warcraft congregate, well apart from Discord! If you have any questions or want to share something, this Reddit forum is the place to be.

WoW-Professions – If you’re leveling up your professions, this is the best website to use! They give you a detailed run-through of what to craft and, more importantly, maximize efficiency to get you to max level as quickly and as cheap as possible.