Class Guides & Database:

Wowhead – Without a doubt the number one go-to website for World of Warcraft. Class guides and a great source of information for every item in the game. I’ve used their data for my farming guides. So thank you to them, I’ve credited them, where necessary.

Icyveins – An alternative to Wowhead for class guides. – Alternative website for Database and calculators.

​Auction House Information:

TradeSkillMaster (TSM) – Not only do they have a great addon, but they also have a great website and support, full of options to enhance your gold-making capabilities. They have a great group creator, which I use to import my data from Wowhead to create my TSM groups.

The Undermine Journal (TUJ) – Is undoubtedly the best source of pricing data for items on the Auction House. If you don’t have it already, I’d recommend getting their addon too!

WoWuction – The website isn’t as prominent as it used to be, due to changes to the Auction House and possibly EU data privacy changes. But a decent alternative to The Undermine Journal for pricing data.

wow-pets – My favored resource for level 1 and 25 Battle Pet average prices. I use this data to price my Battle Pets.


Curseforge (Twitch app) – If you’ve downloaded an addon for World of Warcraft, there’s an excellent chance you’ve downloaded it from here. A vast library of helpful addons. (No Longer Available)

WowUp – Since Twitch sold CurseForge to Overwolf, I’ve opted to use the new app WowUp. A lot of rumours concerning how Overwolf add malware when installing addon updates, and lets not forget about the ads they enforce upon their users. It’s already been mentioned that players are experiencing issues when closing ads with the Overwolf overlay. My recommendation would be to check out WowUp. I’ve had no issues and the UI is exactly the same that Twitch: Curseforge had.

Statistical Data for Realm Populations:

WoWRealmPopulation – Realm-pop used to be the go-to site for realm population statistics, but there’s a new kid on the block. It is an excellent site if you’re planning a realm transfer and want some realm information, before the big leap.

WoWProgess – is another realm population statistic site, but it also adds further information regarding Guilds, Players, and progress if you’re looking for a Guild!


Isboxer (Lavish Software) – (AKA: JoeMultiboxer (JMB)) This is a paid program, I’ve had a subscription for several years and recommend this software to anyone interested in multi-boxing. A Friend Code link is here, which will direct you to sign up if you’re interested.

​If you use the Friend Code link, these are the benefits:

  • ​If your friend purchases a subscription, you get at least 30 days for free, and your friend gets at least 15 days for free!
  • ​If your friend purchases at least one year of subscription, you get a total of 45 days for free, and your friend gets a total of 30 days for free!

WoW Open Box – A new addition to the multi-boxing category. Personally I use JMB, but I’m happy to add wowopenbox for readers that may not in a position to pay for a multi-boxing software, and this appear to be a great alternative.

Quality of Life Websites:

WoWLazyMacros – A site packed full of one-button macros for nearly every class. If you enjoy multiboxing, or maybe you struggle to play World of Warcraft due to a disability, then this is an excellent site for you!

Pastebin – This is where I store all my TSM StringsUI settings, etc.

WoWEconomy – This is where all the gold-makers of World of Warcraft congregate, well apart from Discord! If you have any questions or want to share something, this Reddit forum is the place to be.

WoW-Professions – If you’re leveling up your professions, this is the best website to use! They give you a detailed run-through of what to craft and, more importantly, maximize efficiency to get you to max level as quickly and as cheap as possible.