Unobtainable Classic Recipes Obtainable Again

Unobtainable Classic Recipes Obtainable Again:

Some excellent news was revealed today regarding the imminent release of the Shadowlands 9.1 patch. Classic recipes that were unobtainable following the release of Cataclysm will now be obtainable once more.

How to Obtain These Recipes:

During the Event, Cataclysm Timewalking, it will be possible to purchase classic recipes from the Cataclysm Timewalking vendor called Kiatke. This news is excellent for players that do not own these recipes already. However, this will negatively affect gold-makers who have already invested in these recipes, as their value will drop considerably.

What Recipes Are Available Again?

The following profession recipes will be available for purchase from Kiatke.


My Recent BoE Recipe Guides:

If you’re familiar with my recent guides regarding BoE Recipes, you will know that these recipes were among the recipes I urged you to invest in if the price was right. However, following today’s news, I encourage you not to purchase these any longer and quickly look at offloading these recipes immediately, as their value will considerably fall.

I will immediately amend my guides to reflect today’s changes.

Blue Post:

For confirmation of today’s news, please check out the blue post below. The image was taken from Wowhead’s recent post.

Classic unobtainable recipes obtainable again in Shadowlands 9.1


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