Timewalking, Turbulent Timeways and the Dreamsurge!

Timewalking & Dreamsurges

Timewalking in Patch 10.1.7

Timewalking is a fantastic opportunity to experience Dungeons and Raids from previous expansions. It is also an excellent method to level characters and earn old reputations. However, Blizzard initially restricted this to level 60 and above; this has now changed! With Turbulent Timeways and Dreamsurges, this could be the best time to level those alts!

Continue reading for changes to level requirements, Turbulent Timeways, and how you could potentially get an 80% increase to experience gains for characters level 60-69!


For those unaware, Timewalking is an event that offers players the opportunity to play in Dungeons/Raids from a previous expansion. For higher-level characters, your character’s gear will scale down to the item level appropriate for that expansion. This alteration will make the content a little more challenging.

You will also find that you can earn Timewarped Badges, which can assist in purchasing gear, Reputation Tokens, etc. Remember, each Timewalking Event has a weekly quest: A Shattered Path Through Time associated with it. You can pick it up from Kazra; completing the quest will reward you with a heroic-level raid item!

Timewalking Level Requirements:

There are new level requirements to assist more players in participating in Timewalking Events; these are different for each expansion, as shown below. This change is an excellent one from Blizzard that I and many in the community have asked for!

  • TBC & WotLK Timewalking – Level 30
  • Cata & MoP Timewalking – Level 35
  • WoD Timewalking – Level 40
  • Legion Timewalking – Level 45

Scheduled Timewalking Events:

Below are when each Timewalking Event is scheduled during the Turbulent Timeways. Please check the in-game calendar if you’re playing within a different region to the E.U.

  • Cataclysm Timewalking – 27/9 to 4/10
  • TBC Timewalking – 2/10 to 9/10
  • Legion Timewalking – 11/10 to 18/10
  • MoP Timewalking – 18/10 to 25/10
  • WotLK Timewalking – 23/10 to 30/10

The WoD Timewalking event is from 8/11 to 15/11, at which point the Turbulent Timeways Event would have finished. This event is the only Timewalking Event not scheduled during the Turbulent Timeways Event!

Timewalking Guides:

Below are helpful links to my Timewalking guides. Some updates are needed, but the base information should benefit those unsure of what is available during these Timewalking Events.

Turbulent Timeways:

The Turbulent Timeways will return with Patch 10.1.7, beginning on 26th September and lasting until 31st October! The event will last five weeks, and a new Timewalking Event will be available every reset day. If you have characters to level to 70 and reputations to earn, this event will interest you!

During the Turbulent Timeways, you will earn flasks/buffs depending on how many Timewalking Dungeons you complete; there appears to be a five-hour limit to the buff: Mastery of Timeways. If you earn enough flasks/buff, you can achieve a 30% increase to experience gains.

I suggest completing a Timewalking Dungeon when the timer gets to three or four hours; this will add 60 minutes to the buff. Remember, the Distilled Knowledge of Timeways is Bind on Account; send them to alts (level 10 and above) you wish to level!

As already mentioned, the WoD Timewalking event is the only one not scheduled to run during the Turbulent Timeways!

Turbulent Timeways Buffs:

Below is a brief explanation of each buff.

Knowledge of Timeways:

The Knowledge of Timeways is a buff that offers a 5% increase in experience from using a Distilled Knowledge of Timeways.

Distilled Knowledge of Timeways:

A Distilled Knowledge of Timeways is a flask that offers a 5% increase in experience gains (4 applications give you the buff: Mastery of Timeways, and increases the total experience gains to 30%). They are Bind on Account!

Mastery of Timeways:

Mastery of Timeways is a 5-hour Buff that offers a 30% increase in experience gains. You must complete a Timewalking Dungeon to refresh the duration.


Another addition to Patch 10.1.7 is Dreamsurges. Each week, there will be a Dreamsurge within one of the four Dragon Isles zones. There will be conflict with the  Druids of the Flame. Every week, the conflict will change to a different Dragon Isles Zone. You can participate in these events if you’re level 60 or above.

The benefit of this event is the experience buff it offers for players within the conflicted zone. The standard buff, Dreaming Winds, offers those participating an increase in experience by 25%. This buff lasts as long as you’re within the zone and until the weekly event has expired!

However, depending on the 30-minute buff, there’s a chance it can increase to 50%! Check your map and look for the Dreamsurge icon; there will be an NPC at this location where you can vote for one of two potential zone-wide buffs. There are buffs that can increase your rewards, damage, and survivability!

Keep your eyes peeled for the major Waking Dream Portal that spawns every 30 minutes. Be aware that once the mob is summoned, you may experience lag due to the number of players in the area! There will also be notifications in chat as Rares will become empowered; these will be highlighted on the map too!

There will be many more World Quests within the active zone and many tasks to complete to earn progress toward the weekly quest: Shaping the Dreamsurge. Rewards, including Crests, Bind on Account gear (Dreamsurge Chrysalis), and currency: Dreamsurge Coalescence, which you can spend at a vendor.

Dreaming Winds & Mastery of Timeways:

Nothing suggests you can’t use the Dreaming Winds and Mastery of Timeways together! If this is the case, you could have a basic experience buff of 55%, with a potential of 80%, depending on the 30-minute Dreamsurge buff!

When the weekly conflict hits Azure Span, I can see Brackenhide Hollow and possibly Cobalt Assembly full of players’ power leveling due to the density of mobs within the areas!


This post gathered information from the 10.1.7 PTR; any last-minute development changes could affect the abovementioned content. If there are any changes, I will do my best to update the information as soon as possible!

The dates used in this post are for players within the E.U region. Please check the in-game calendar for players within alternative regions (with different reset days)!


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