Timewalking: Mists of Pandaria

Timewalking: Mists of Pandaria

Timewalking – Mists of Pandaria:

The Timewalking event: Mists of Pandaria is available for the next week, with plenty of activities to keep you occupied. This event is a great opportunity to power-level your reputation gains, especially for the Faction: Order of the Cloud Serpents.

A Shattered Path Through Time:

Firstly, if you’re level 70, pick up the Quest: A Shattered Path Through Time. The quest is available from Kazra (the Dragonkin in front of the fountain in Valdrakkan). Coordinates are [49.59].

The quest asks you to defeat five Timewalking Raid Bosses or Dungeons. Upon completing this quest, you’ll receive a piece of Gear at ilvl 415!

Sign of the Mists:

Now is an ideal time to catch up (or start) earning reputation toward Mists of Pandaria reputations. You’ll receive a buff called Sign of the Mists during the event. This buff gives the player the following benefit.

Mists of Pandaria reputation gains from combat and quests increased by 50%!

Where’s the Timewalking Vendor?

You can find the Timewalking vendor: Mistweaver Xia, at the coordinates [43.55] on the Timeless Isle. Be warned, make sure you have War Mode delisted if you want to reach this vendor without hassle.

Fast-Travel to the Timeless Isle?

The quickest method is talking to Chromie within the Vale of Eternal Blossoms; there is a balcony above the entrance to the Dungeon: Mogu’shan Palace

She will offer you a quest: Journey to the Timeless Isle; use the timepiece to teleport straight to the Timeless Isle. Once you reach your destination, abandon the quest so you can use this method again in the future!

Reminder: If you have the Phase: N’zoth Assault, speak to Zidormi to access the Vale before the N’zoth invasion

Timewarped Badges:

During the event, you’ll earn Timewarped Badges for completing varied tasks. You can spend these badges on Gear (scaled), Toys, Companion Pets, Commendations, Friendship Tokens, and a Mount.


The importance of the commendations is that you can power-level your reputation for Mists of Pandaria Factions. These will cost you 50 Timewarped Badges each.

Below are the Commendations available!

Friendship Tokens:

Also, some Friendship Tokens can help speed up the reputation gains for your friends. Hand these items to the correct friend to receive a substantial increase in their reputation.

What Reputations Should I Power-Level?

Suppose you’re a Jewelcrafter and don’t have the patterns for the panthers (Mounts). In that case, I’d highly recommend spending your Timewarped Badges on Commendations and getting exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpents.

Depending on your realm, crafting the panthers (Mounts) can be very profitable. The materials should be easy to acquire thanks to the region-wide Auction House changes to commodities.

Ideally, check the Factions below and see if there’s anything you need that is locked behind their reputation, and purchase the Commendation(s) that will help reach that goal.

What Dungeons are Available?

There are six Dungeons available for Timewalking: Mists of Pandaria. You and your gear will scale down to make this content challenging again.

Upon completing the Dungeon, you will receive Timewarped Badges and a tiny chance of obtaining the Mount: Reins of the Infinite Timereaver.

Timewalking Twinks:

Thanks to an awesome community of like-minded players/theory crafters, it’s possible to obtain/craft gear that scales incredibly well in Timewalking content. Equipping the best gear will make you very powerful, so much so you’re similar to a Twink. For those unsure, a Twink was a player that would turn off experience gains to equip best in slot gear at a level range that would be more power to normal players in that bracket.

Today, Blizzard put a stop to Twinks thanks to giving them their own bracket in Battlegrounds and affecting experience gains for other players within a party farming experience – alternatively known as level boosting. However, thanks to how Timewalking scaling works and how every player is scaled down to a level/item level appropriate to the content, the Twink is back!


If you’re interested in a powerful character to farm best in slot gear and unsure where to start, check out the Resources I’ve added below to help get you started!

Twinks and GoldMaking:

If you read the Timewalking Spreadsheet I shared above, you’ll notice a lot of crafted gear. This is how I managed to hit 10m gold in one week following the initial release of the Mage Tower. Some of the value has gone, thanks to the region-wide Auction House for consumables. Thankfully, depending on your realm, there may still be value in certain crafts.

Carefully read the additional Information panel within the Timewalking Spreadsheet; you may need to add Crafter’s MarkRelic of the Past, or specific Essences.

Here’s a list of some of the items I craft and sell. There’s also potential in flipping the Queen’s Garnets, as these are difficult to farm!

The Timeless Isle:

Although the Timeless Isle content isn’t tied directly to the Timewalking event, it’s still beneficial to complete due to the increased player count on the Island. This opportunity will give players that didn’t do this content (or complete it) another chance to do so.

Below I’ll cover some of the activities you can complete.

PvP on the Timeless Isle:

Enlisting in War Mode while accessing the Timeless Isle is an excellent opportunity for players to earn Bloody Coins. There is an awesome Mount: Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast, which will cost 500 Bloody Coins.

Talk to Speaker Gulan and obtain the Toy: Censor of Eternal Agony to get started. I’d recommend getting the Addon: Spy.

As hinted above, if you don’t want hassle while completing non-PvP tasks on the Timeless Isle, don’t enlist in War Mode!

Farming – Timeless Coins:

There are many items purchasable for Timeless Coins. It’s worth checking the Group Finder feature to look for groups/players farming Timeless Coins; doing so will speed up the time!

If there are no groups, make one!

Reminder: You must be level 50 or above to access the Group Finder feature!

Timeless Isle Rares & World Bosses:

You can earn a handful of Companion Pets, Toys, and a Mount from defeating many of the Rares, notable Mobs, and World Bosses on the Timeless Isle.

The item in brackets is what can drop from the Rare.

Timeless Isle Rares:
Other Notable Mobs:
Timeless Isle World Bosses:

These four World Bosses drop raid loot. They also can drop the Celestial Treasure Box, which has a very small chance of containing some goodies inside, notably Companion Pets (Battle Pets).

The last World Boss could be an issue to you if you’ve not earned the Legendary Cloak. Without the cloak, you cannot leap across the bridge to access Ordon Sanctuary.

Timeless Isle Addons:

Be sure to install the following Addons.


There’s plenty of gold-making potential, mainly from Companion Pets, Toy, and a recipe. If you wish to see how you obtain these items, click the item for more information.

Prices shown are Region Averages via The Undermine Journal. As I always suggest, for an exact value for your realm, input your realm.


Portable Yak-Wash

  • E.U: 20.6k
  • U.S: 34.5k
Companion Pets (Battle Pets):

Ashleaf Spriteling:

  • E.U: 17.6k
  • U.S: 22.5k

Ruby Droplet:

  • E.U: 19.6k
  • U.S: 34k

Death Adder Hatchling:

  • E.U: 19.9k
  • U.S: 19.6k

Skunky Alemental:

  • E.U: 9.9k
  • U.S: 14.6k

Spineclaw Crab:

  • E.U: 149k
  • U.S: 362k

Gulp Froglet:

  • E.U: 24.6k
  • U.S: 24.3k

Gu’chi Swarmling:

  • E.U: 17.1k
  • U.S: 19.5k

Ominous Flame:

  • E.U: 13.7k
  • U.S: 14.9k

Jadefire Spirit:

  • E.U: 40.8k
  • U.S: 84.3k

Jademist Dancer:

  • E.U: 9.9k
  • U.S: 10k

Plans: Living Steel Weapon Chain:

  • E.U: 93k
  • U.S: 369k


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Thanks for reading!


(13.06.23) Added the Level 70 quest: A Shattered Path Through Time. Also, confirmation of the ilvl 415 piece of gear as a reward for completing the quest.


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