The Demise of the Dragon Kite

Dragon Kite

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The Demise of the Dragon Kite:

With confirmation yesterday surrounding the rewards from the Dragonflight: Twitch Drops promotion, there’s an inevitable demise for the Battle Pet: Dragon Kite. Unsure about the new Twitch Drops promotion, check out this blog post.

Twitch Drops Reward – Dragon Kite:

With players able to connect their World of Warcraft account with their Twitch account, they can watch a specific amount of Dragonflight content and earn rewards, none more so than the Battle Pet: Dragon Kite.

Players will likely get the opportunity to cage this pet and repost it to the Auction House, the same method as a previous promotion, with the Battle Pet: Bananas, which was also a TCG Battle Pet!

The value of Bananas tanked at the Auction House, but in fairness, the prize had a wider reach, as you just claimed it from the Blizzard Store once the community reached a specific goal.

However, players will have to do some work this time to obtain this Battle Pet. The number of new Dragon kites will depend mainly on how many players want to participate. Given many watch Twitch, we can safely assume this will be a lot!

The Dragon Kite:

For those unaware, the Dragon Kite was a Trading Card Game (TCG) reward, which has since stopped production. However, many players stocked up on these, and you can still purchase them at the Auction House.

Depending on the Region and Realm you play on, these battle pets can demand a hefty price tag. The average price on E.U is 449k. There are currently only 211 on E.U, which is why they demand such a high price point.

Supply and Demand:

As I’ve covered many times within my blog, the Auction House is no different than buying and selling in the real world. The greater the demand and the low supply, the higher the value you can demand for your item(s).

However, if the supply outweighs the demand, the competition makes it difficult to hold a high value; this ultimately drives down prices.

Ultimately, this is why players can demand 444k for a Dragon Kite on the Auction House; well, they could!

Current Valuations via The Undermine Journal:

Bear in mind the values I’m using are the average region price; if you wish to check the value of a Dragon Kite on your realm, head over to The Undermine Journal and input your realm.

The U.S Region:
  • Quantity Available: 224
  • Average Price: 550k
The E.U Region:
  • Quantity Available: 211
  • Average Price: 444k

Quantities and values are correct as of 10 am 01.11.22.

Getting Value, While you Can!

If you’re a Gold-Maker with an inventory including Dragon Kites, you must act promptly to get value for your Dragon Kite. There will likely be unsuspecting players in-game that are unaware of the impending changes.

Getting some value now is better than getting none when the changes take shape. The price you ask is your decision, but ask yourself one question, how much would you pay for a Dragon Kite if it were cheap?

To offload these quickly before the market crashes, you’ll need to sell them cheaply to attract a quick buyer. If you still have access to The Undermine Journal website, check for realms with little to no Dragon Kites available.

What Not to Do!

Don’t bark in Trade Chat; you’ll likely bring unwanted attention, and players will put potential buyers off by informing them of the impending changes. After all, you’re looking for unsuspecting buyers that aren’t aware of the changes!

Just post your Dragon Kites on the Auction House, and cancel and repost if you get undercut, and hopefully, you can snag a sale in time!


There’s a lot of hype surrounding Dragonflight, and many players use Twitch for viewable content. I doubt this promotion will ever come close to that of the Bananas reward. But I still envisage an untimely demise for the Dragon Kite market crashing.

Thousands of players will participate in the Twitch Drops; even if a small percentage of players posted their Dragon Kite to the Auction House, it would still upset the market; after all, there are only 221 on there as we speak!

If you’re going to get any value for your Dragon Kite, act now!


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