The Darkmoon Hammer Market

Don't get Bopped by the Darkmoon Hammer!

The Darkmoon Hammer Market:

In today’s blog, I will share my concerns about why the Darkmoon Hammer market could be a terrible investment. I’ll have stats and reasoning to back my concerns and why you should look to invest your Darkmoon Prize Tickets elsewhere or maybe the source of the market!

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The Darkmoon Hammer:

The Darkmoon Hammer is a cosmetic weapon you can buy from a vendor: Gelvas Grimgate, within the Darkmoon Faire. This weapon will cost 75 Darkmoon Prize Tickets and has no level requirements to purchase.

Ideally, this is an excellent option for players that want to create many new characters to farm this weapon; however, there are already loads of people doing it, as I’ll highlight next.

Why is this Potentially a Bad Investment?!

As there’s no level requirement, players are creating level one or level ten (Allied Races) and completing the one-time quest: Silas’ Secret Stash to obtain 100 Darkmoon Prize Tickets.

Players need 100 Darkmoon Daggermaw to start this quest; each Darkmoon Daggermaw costs approximately 10-15g. Once they complete the quest and obtain their Darkmoon Hammer, they transfer the item to an alt. Once sent, they delete their character, start another character, and rinse and repeat.

So for as little as 1500 gold and 30 minutes, you can get a Darkmoon Hammer. Before March 4th, this would’ve been an excellent idea; however, many players are doing this now, as shown below (on the left). Look at the blue line; that’s the average item value crashing!

The graph (on the right) shows the red line; this is the quantity for the E.U region at 97 on March 4th, yet on March 10th, this item skyrocketed to 1526 Darkmoon Hammers. With one day left of the Darkmoon Faire, this number could increase further.

While the average price looks appealing, this value will only continue downward due to the amount on the Auction House and everyone competing to get a sale. Remember Supply & Demand!

With today a Saturday, and more players able to participate, this quantity will undoubtedly increase further, bringing the value down; this will prove to be a poor investment in the long term.

35k Viewers Know About This!

Upon writing this blog post, I quickly checked Google, and alas, there’s a clickbait video promoting this market. To put this market into perspective and why I feel this will get saturated quickly, the video has amassed 35k views already!

I’m sure you know I tend to avoid click-bait titles/thumbnails, but this video promised viewers could make 75k gold for an infinite amount of time. The fact any/every player can infinitely farm this Darkmoon Hammer confirms this market won’t infinitely earn you 75k gold!

Alarm bells are already ringing for me; how about you?

Could There Be Short-Term Value?

Of course! There are some realms where there’s little to no competition. Players can dictate the value here and make some nice profit. But the number of realms is few and far between.

If you want to do this, create an allied race character; they start at level 10 and either start at your Faction’s major city or at a location with a portal/Mole Machine. Save posting your Darkmoon Hammers until the event has finished.

Check out the Oribos Exchange to get familiar with the amount of Darkmoon Hammers on the Auction House for each realm. Remember, the screenshots below already consider connected realms.

Expect these numbers to increase exponentially!

Darkmoon Hammer Realm Data

Alternative Gold-Making Suggestions:

Darkmoon Daggermaw:

Previously to this Darkmoon Faire, Darkmoon Daggermaw has averaged 7 gold each; however, this value has almost doubled and still increasing. If you enjoy gathering, consider farming Darkmoon Daggermaw!

You can make some nice profit from being the source of the Darkmoon Hammer market!

Darkmoon Companion Pets:

These pets will set you back 90 Darkmoon Prize Tickets, which is 15 more than the cost of the Darkmoon Hammer; these have no level requirements either! The added benefit of the Companion Pets is you can learn, cage, and sell them in other realms.

You will need to find the vendor: Lhara; she has six Companion Pets available.

These Companion Pets average between 10-15k gold each. Add another 5k gold if you’re willing to level the pet to level 25!


I know today’s blog differed from what I usually post, but I wanted to share my concerns. I know many players will quickly see the big profits that the Darkmoon Hammer can generate, but this will be short-term.

The market will get saturated in the long term, and you’ll likely lose value on the Darkmoon Hammer(s). If you want to compete in this market, be prepared for a lot of competition, especially when the Darkmoon Faire returns next month!

If you’re paying 1500 gold for your Darkmoon Daggermaw, anything above 5k gold for a Darkmoon Hammer is still a good return. The value of the Darkmoon Daggermaw will dictate your profit margins!

Today’s blog post isn’t a “don’t do this”; it’s merely a warning and something I hope my readers will consider before getting involved!


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