The Darkmoon Faire 07/08/2022

The Darkmoon Faire Is In Town!

The Darkmoon Faire:

A kind reminder that it’s the first Sunday of the Month today, which means the Darkmoon Faire has rolled back into town! There’s plenty of fun and games to be had, without forgetting some profitable markets on offer too – so what are you waiting for?!

What To Do?!

There’s plenty to do on Darkmoon Isle, ranging from Pet Battles to games to profession quests to handing in Artifacts for experience. There’s so much available that I have a dedicated guide to help you; check it out to get started!


It’s also worth reminding you of the gold-making opportunities from the Darkmoon Faire. I dabble in the Replica Transmog market, making a lot of gold! Check out my recent blog post highlighting my recent Replica Transmog sales.

However, if Companion Pets is your vice, you can also obtain these during the Darkmoon Faire!

To purchase Replica Transmog and Companion Pets, you need to earn Darkmoon Prize Tickets by participating in all the activities available on the Island, which I’ve detailed in my guide.


I want to take this opportunity to apologize. In my previous blog post regarding The Winds of Wisdom, I suggested that the Darkmoon Faire would be available during the buff; sadly, this wasn’t the case.

I’m sorry to those that may have read that; it was an oversight on the dates!


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Thanks for reading!

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