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Sexual Harassment Lawsuit:

As some of you will be aware, I had recently returned from my family holiday yesterday, but the terrible news regarding Activision Blizzard’s sexual harassment lawsuit hasn’t gone unnoticed. I won’t lie; this came as a big shock to me and maybe others too.

Since I started playing World of Warcraft, the primary incentive to this game was how good World of Warcraft was and how good the people were behind the scenes. They seemed in touch with their community, obviously had a love for a game they created, and I thought they had a family feel around the campus. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the case!

The Need For Change!

However, recent developments have shone a different light on Activision Blizzard that not many people (including myself) realized. It’s a sad state of affairs when sexual harassment and unequal pay (Gender Pay Gap) is still an issue in 2021, even after all the work done by many people/organizations campaigning against it.

The last couple of years have shown that many issues still exist within society, whether racism, hate, sexual harassment, and the gender pay gap. The quicker we eliminate these issues, the better society and the community will be in the long run.

Cancel Culture:

I have seen the recent post from Wowhead highlighting Blizzard’s decision to remove in-game references of people mentioned in the lawsuit. I feel this is necessary. However, a minority feels this is ‘cancel culture’ again. It’s worth reminding people that when this news broke, people were that angry; they were canceling their subscriptions, which in turn is ‘cancel culture’ too!

While I agree there needs to be action, I welcome the walkouts that have been organized for today (28th July). Wowhead has also done its part by publishing it on their social media platforms. We need to unite as a community and show that the player base is disgusted, and we’ll not tolerate these actions.

All the details below:


Don’t Cancel Your Subscriptions!

Canceling your subscription will also affect those who were innocent and, significantly, those subjected to this ordeal. By canceling your subscription, not only do Blizzard lose money, but those innocent members of staff, those that were subjected to all this, will also feel the knock-on effect. Let us rise above the hate, show support to those who need it, show your support with the walkout, and demand change!


Show your support with the hashtag: #ActiBlizzWalkout

Please also add the blue heart emoji!

What I Hope:

If Blizzard can acknowledge the lawsuit, rid of the rotten eggs within its company, start paying staff by their ability and not by their sex, and more importantly, treating people like human beings, maybe, just maybe, they can turn a corner.

However, I’m relieved to see WoW Leadership acknowledging the walkout and importantly continuing to pay any member of staff participating in the protest and without any repercussions.

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