Ten Excellent Features in Dragonflight

Ten Excellent Features in Dragonflight

Ten Excellent Features in Dragonflight:

With the Dragonflight Pre-Patch releasing next week, what better time to share the Ten Excellent Features in Dragonflight. These features are in no particular order; if you feel there’s something I’ve overlooked, be sure to share your thoughts below in the comment section.

Check out my blog post if you’re unsure of the Dragonflight Launch Map.

Profession overhaul:

It’s undoubtedly one of the most significant changes coming to Dragonflight. Professions will have a massive bearing on the new expansion whether you’re a crafter, gatherer, or potential customer.

Craftings Stations:

The immediate change is Crafting Stations, where you’ll be doing most of your crafting. It won’t take long for these areas to become very busy, as Blizzard aims to make these stations more sociable.

Skill & Quality:

Each profession will have different paths in which you can spend points, determining how good your crafter is within a specific specialization. Maybe you’re a Blacksmith and want your specialization for crafting weapons; you’ll want to spend your points on weapons.

You’ll also notice reagents you gather and crafts you craft will have a quality rating. The quality is determined by the quality of the gatherer (the materials they gather) and the crafter’s ability; this is why the profession point system will have a massive bearing within Dragonflight.

Crafting Orders:

If you don’t have a specific recipe, cannot obtain BoP materials, or maybe you don’t have the profession, Crafting Orders is a new method where you can create orders, and a player that can fulfill your order can craft it for you.

You can add materials you have, and the player crafting your item can add the rest. You add a fee when creating your Crafting Order, and players have the option to pick the Crafting Orders that are of value to them!


An excellent addition is an ability to Recraft an item and craft something you want. You’d need the original craft with extra materials, including Artisan’s Mettle

Profession Equipment:

Each profession that requires equipment will have its very own equipment slot. Some equipment will have bonus stats for crafting/gathering; these will also have visual effects, so you look the part!

For information regarding the Profession Overhaul, check out this post.

Main & Alt-Friendly Content:

One of the biggest annoyances from previous expansions was setting your allegiance to a specific cause (i.e. Covenants) and having most of that content driven to that Faction. Thankfully in Dragonflight, this won’t be the case!

Instead of reputations, we will have a Renown-style ladder system similar to what we had in Shadowlands. There will be 30 levels (which will increase in future patches), and once you reach a specific level, you’ll receive a reward.

The Renown will be account-wide, so if you’re like me and have an abundance of alts, this will be excellent for us!

New Reagent Bag:

There will be a new additional bag slot for a Reagent Bag. This bag will be available for Dragonflight-specific reagents. With the need to have many reagents to fulfill your crafting needs, it was inevitable that a reagent bag was necessary.

Reagent Bag:

Early footage from Dragonflight Beta suggests this will be a reagent-specific bag with either 34 or 36 slots. A Tailor will craft these bags.

Stack Sizes:

As well as the new Reagent Bag, there has been a change to the stackable amount for Dragonflight reagents. This amount has increased from 200 to 1000.

HUD UI Improvements:

Visually, this is an excellent addition to World of Warcraft. If you’re familiar with the Addons ELVUI, TUKUI, Bagnon, or SexyMap, you will know how much you can customize your HUD UI; now, you can consider saying goodbye to them!

Not only will you get to customize your HUD UI to your wishes, but thanks to Blizzard’s ability to import and export profiles, you can share or use someone else’s layout.

You can customize a lot within the default settings, move and adjust action bars, change the style of your mini-map, customize your bags, and much more.

Instead of rehashing what others have already said, I’ll send you to Wowhead for more information.

Dracthyr Evoker:

Dragonflight brings its very own Hero Class, the Dracthyr Evoker. They will be available to play from the 15th of November (16th for E.U players) and start at level 58.

When you create your new Dracthyr, you will start in the New zone: The Forbidden Reach. You must have a character at level 50 to have the ability to create a Dracthyr!

Check out this Wowhead guide for a detailed guide on the Hero Class: Dracthyr Evoker.

No Faction Tagging:

Gone are the days of missing out on tagging a mob to someone on the opposite Faction and not gaining experience or loot. As long as you attack the mob in time, everyone attacking will earn credit for that kill.

As a keyboard-turning Hunter and someone who lost out to a lot of credit when killing mobs, this is an excellent addition to the game! The number of times I’ve been AoEing a pack of mobs, and someone on the opposite Faction pulls their pack over, so I help, and get no credit, is over!

For those concerned, this will not work if enlisted for War Mode, for obvious reasons!


Watching content from many streamers, it appears Dragonriding will be a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to participate. More importantly, (and thanks to Blizzard’s alt-friendly approach), all progress will be account wide, meaning that your alts will benefit from your main character’s progress.

You will notice this benefit when you start at level 60 on an alt, and you have all the benefits of an experienced Dragonrider and all its perks and glyphs.

Check out this great guide by Soulbreezy on Dragonriding!

Overhauled Talent System:

I loved the old Talent Trees when I first played World of Warcraft back in Wrath of the Lich King, and I think we’re somewhere close to it. 

Changing Talents:

One of the quality-of-life additions to the talent system is the ability to change talents without being in a rested area. The cherry on the cake is the ability to change talents without needing Tomes.

This improvement will help players complete different modes of content and adjust their talents accordingly.

Talent Loadouts:

Furthermore, the new talent system also comes with the ability to import, and export builds; instead of alt-tabbing and copying talents from Wowhead, we can copy and paste a string and import it to the game!

No Borrowed Power:

In Shadowlands, Battle for Azeroth, and Legion, we had Borrowed Power. This Borrowed Power came in the form of Azerite Powers, Artifact Weapons, Essences, Corruptions, or, more recently, Covenant Abilities and Legendary Powers.

When a new expansion is released, the above powers are redundant in the new continent; thus, Borrowed Power. It isn’t easy to balance everything and keep all classes competitive.

I assume that having no Borrowed Power will help keep things as easy as possible for balancing purposes. However, don’t fret; some of the Borrowed Powers are now talents.

Rated: Solo Shuffle:

In Dragonflight, we’ll be able to queue for Rated: Solo Shuffles, a 3v3 format, with players shuffled after every round. There was no real incentive in Shadowlands, but now this is available for Rated PvP; there’s now an incentive!

Solo Shuffles Teams:

The Solo Shuffle consists of 6 players: two Healers (or two Tanks) and four DPS. Two DPS will team up with a Healer (or a Tank). A Tank and a Healer can’t be in the same match.

How Do I Win A Solo Shuffle?

It’s simple, win as many rounds as you can!

Don’t Rage Quit A Solo Shuffle!

If you forfeit your place by quitting during a match, you will record a loss in every round, ultimately affecting your rating!

If you want to see what Rated Solo Shuffle looks like, check out this video!


As we finally wave goodbye to Shadowlands, the countdown to Dragonflight finally begins. Early suggestions suggest that we’re in for a great expansion, and it appears that the developers have taken onboard a lot of the community criticism throughout Shadowlands.

I don’t believe my IRL situation will improve anytime soon, so it’ll be another expansion where I doubt I will fully use the new Profession system, but it looks good! Players like Hikons will be having another field day!

I’m looking forward to playing the new Hero Class, and I might even dabble in some Solo Shuffles. I might even remove some Addons because of the HUD UI improvements.

However, Dragonflight looks promising up to this point, but we need to be patient. Continue conversing with the developers; together, we can continue to make the best improvements for the game’s longevity!


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. Please consider liking and sharing if you found this post helpful and believe it could be useful to someone else.


Thanks for reading!

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