Warcraft (TV Spot 2) (HD)

If 10th June cant come round quick enough for you and the urge to get your Warcraft fix is unbearable, then fear no more, as Legendary have released their next Warcraft trailor. This looks absolutely epic and I certainly cant wait. I just hope it lives up to the hype and people return to the game!

Post your opinions of the trailor below and what your looking forward to from the movie!


Warcraft – Release date and trailer

Finally, the news all World of Warcraft fans have been waiting for with anticipation! The long-awaited release date of Warcraft has been confirmed for… 10th June 2016.

They’ve also confirmed the date for the official trailer of Warcraft for the 6th November 2015 (4 days from today). Anyone who hasn’t gathered yet, that is also the opening day of BlizzCon, so no need to ask yourself, what will headline the first day.

I cannot wait for the trailer, let alone the movie. I was excited just to watch the recent Star Wars trailer, let alone Warcraft. With my interest in World of Warcraft, I’m sincerely hoping that Warcraft is a success. It will have a dramatic effect on subscriptions on the game and determine whether they release another movie in the future.

Warcraft - movie