TSM3 No Longer Supporting WoWuction Prices

I’m sure you’ve noticed already, (well if your like myself and a regular user of TSM3) that WoWuction is no longer supported with TSM3. If not, then I hope this post offers some important information for you. The decision was taken, mainly down to the instability on WoWuction’s part due to whatever reason. If you wish to see the official thread regarding this, and future developments then please click here.

With the end of TradeSkillMaster_WoWuction means the need to change our price operations if you’ve implemented any WoWuction sources in your price strings. For example, I have created a price string to take into consideration the WoWuction Region Market Value. Now because TSM doesnt support WoWuction anymore, TSM wont be able to recieve the data to update my prices, so I will need to remove this and add something else. At this moment in time, there’s no alternatives for region data, but there are some on the way. TSM are implementing their own region data called DBRegionMarketAvg this will replace wowuctionregionmarket. There is no date when this will be released, so my advice would be to make sure your TSM app is always updated automatically and you’ll get news when it’s available.

Until TSM is updated with any new region data, my prices will remain all over the show. You will notice this, if your following me on Twitter, as my Transmog sales have really slowed up. My prices seem very steep for some items, but very cheap for another. When I had my average prices from wowuctionregionmarket, DBMarket and DBGlobalMarketAvg it gave me a way to get a fair price between all three, now I’m just getting a price based on DBMarket and DBGlobalMarketAvg and it’s hurting my sales. I suppose I’ll have to just wait it out and be patient or as a last resort do a quick post from bags and just undercut those around me.

Anyway, I hope you’re not too badly effected by this news and hope you have a work around for the time being.

Good luck!