Dont Be Discouraged By The Minority

So with maintenance extended for EU players, I’d thought I’d share with you an unsavoury discussion last night 29.03.16. I decided to have a brief break from World of Warcraft for an hour or two and I thought I’d found solace in a World of Warcraft Facebook Page. My interest was narrowed down to a post I found regarding stocking up for Legion. As this is a very hot topic amongst many gold makers in the game at the moment, with Legion on the horizon, I thought this might be a very good chance to try and “speculate to accumulate” as they say or more so offer some advice.

Sadly, Facebook is always filled with drama and this was no different. What seemed like a person setting out their stool on what he was hoarding, he also asked what the readers were stocking. I being the reader, offered a detailed assumption on what I felt would be an excellent investment, leading up to the new expansion. However, it seems as much as you offer someone advice, advice that you’ve carefully thought through, given a very good argument for why you believe what you believe in, people will always persist on looking for the worst in someone and look at the negatives. I was genuinely offering some advice on pets and why I felt Cinder Pups and Left Sharks wouldn’t be a good investment, I even gave a detailed argument as to why, but the author of the post saw this to be negative. My previous post HERE outlines my advice on Stocking pets and mounts for Legion.

Now I will admit, in the first part of my comment, I declared I had amassed 25 million gold since Wrath of the Lich King. This wasn’t an attempt to boast, nor belittle the author. This was merely to prove, that I had experience in making gold from a very early time of the game and not purely from an expansion, that has practically handed us gold in Warlords of Draenor but proof of someone, making gold from one expansion to the next. Ask yourself, if you saw a blog post from someone offering advice on how to make gold, without informing you how well they’ve done themselves, compared to someone whose declared making over 25 million gold, who would you likely lean towards for advice? My declaration, was merely to offer reassurance. When you see Sheyrah’s Stream, what’s the first thing you see in her title? it’s the sheer fact she’s amassed well over 110 million gold right?! She’s not boasting, she’s made 110 million gold, she’s reassuring us, that she’s very good at what she does.

I’ve always believed helping others, a platform to help those who may need a little guidance, gain inspiration and belief, that they too can achieve their own goals. I’m certainly not a professional, like some of the bigger Twitch streams or gold making websites, so I may make mistakes along the way, some of these streams and websites make mistakes too. I will never charge or expect someone to pay me anything. This is a blog I created to write casually in my spare time, to offer tips that have served me well, in a bid to help you, you the reader make some gold that you may have thought wasn’t possible, but is actually achievable. I use my Twitter to post constant updates in game, of purchases or sales, to show what I’m buying/investing in, which you can do too, I also share what addons I use and have posted my TSM strings for you to import (if you wish).

I know Facebook probably isn’t the best place to have an in-depth discussion, as there’s an abundance of trolls or people hell bent on putting people down, but I was genuinely hoping, that someone may have seen my post who was actually in need of some advice that may have served them well, leading up to Legion. Needless to say, what potentially could have been a very good evening sharing tips for Legion, quickly turned into an evening of me continuously defending myself and my actions. My only hope is that someone else has seen my information and taken something from it, so it wasn’t a total waste of time.

I wont be posting any names, or the group in question, this post isn’t about picking people out and vindicating them. This post today is about my determination to help others if they need it, continue building what looks like a great community of players that are looking to make gold in Warcraft and purchase things, that one day looked out of arms reach, but are far more achievable then you first thought.

Thanks for reading!

Stocking Up For Legion – Battle Pets & Mounts

ruby droplet

With Legion on the horizon and the possibility of access to the expansion, as early as the end of June, many people including myself have gone into cleaning mode. This entails sorting through Guild banks, personal banks, bags and alts selling/deleting items we regard as useless to free up space in readiness for stockpiling. With every expansion there’s a need to invest in your hard-earned gold and beat that inflation.

It’s important to remember that when stockpiling items ready for the next expansion, no one really knows the full effects until Legion is here. If you look back prior to the release of Cataclysm, so much was taken from the game, that a lot of items became unobtainable or deleted and caught many off guard. It was difficult to guess what was going to be lucrative and what was going to be junk! So to make stockpiling work for us and beat the inflation, we need to guess what will be lucrative to us in Legion and start stockpiling it. When Legion hits, we then start selling our stock, thus (hopefully) beating inflation.

Something to keep in mind, not only will there be a resurgence of old players returning to Legion that unsubbed, but there will also be an influx of new players, thanks to the movie Warcraft. There is also rumours circulating that Blizzard may incorporate a World of Warcraft game per ticket purchased to the movie. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but as soon as I know, I’ll update on my blog.

Obviously people will have a difference in opinion and as ever, I welcome you to post your views or questions below or drop me a tweet via twitter.

Battle Pets

TGC – Trading Card Game: It’s difficult not to start with TCG pets. The obvious reason being, that they’re always going to hold value, unless they’re duped. At the moment, TCG pets seem to be stable on EU realms. You can buy the low-end pets (i.e. Ethereal Soul-Trader) for as little as 95-100k and the top end (Rocket Chicken) at approximately 350k. Each realm differs in price, so shop around to find the best deals.

Darkmoon Faire: With many people using their tokens to buy Replica Transmog gear, these pets will fall in numbers. I’m buying these up as quick as I see them. The pets normally average around the 4k mark. You may have to spend a little more if they’ve been leveled to 25.

Holiday Events: With so many people returning to Legion, many will have missed the holiday events, so I’ve been stockpiling these already. I’ve also been purchasing them from the auction house too if the price is right. There are a number of events coming up soon, so be sure to stock up where possible. Lantern’s from the Lunar Festival are excellent examples.

Warlords Rep: This is a tough one, but I think there’s merit in including this one. The Saberstalker’s pet Savage Cub, proves it’s worthwhile to stock these. Costs 1500  Blackfang Claw who in their right mind is going to want to grind that come legion?!

Garrison*: Now here comes a tricky one. The only pets I’m looking at stocking up on, are those from the Menagerie, via the Pet Charms and the Land Shark, from Nat Pagle. The reason for the asterisk, is the other pets, I have no interest in as the Auction House is flooded with them as indicated below.

Timeless Isle: I still find these pets a great investment. Ruby Droplet for example. They have extremely low drop rates and people will be interested in doing other things than sit around waiting for pets to drop.

Rare Battle Pets: These pets will always be a good investment. The best example I could give for this, that people may have overlooked is the Red Goren Egg. Although you can only have one in your inventory at any one time, don’t let that put you off. You can either learn it and cage it, or take the daunting task of moving them one by one from your mail box to your Guild bank. The reason I urge you to stockpile these, is the fact that it’s an extremely low drop rate at 0.3% from Mining and you only have to venture to Wowhead to see how many people are complaining about it.

Battle Pets I’m Ignoring

Garrison*: As mentioned above, there’s some Garrison pets I’d suggest ignoring. The Left Shark and the Cinder Pup. These have been heavily posted on the Auction House due to high supply and low demand for extremely low buyouts. Can be considered a safe option as losses will be considerably low. Again this is my opinion, you may have an alternative one and look to buy these.

Raids: MoP Raids will be easily solo-able in Legion, meaning accessibility to pets will be easier. Pets like Son of Animus which were a pretty penny, will sadly drop in value.


TCG Mounts:
Again I start with TCG and again for the obvious reasons. These sell extremely well and hold their value as long as there’s no duping. Currently the mounts are extremely high, but if you manage to snipe one, dont be put off by stocking it till Legion, to get more value!

Coalfist Gronnling:
This is a viable option, due to only getting this via Garrison Missions. I’m not sure at this early stage how Garrison’s will work in Legion, if they’ll even work at all, but I think these are a safe bet.

Holiday Events: Mounts from Holiday events are good options if the price is right. For example Swift Lovebird. People will have missed these. They average 18k, so if you see them lower than that, definitely consider buying a couple.

Profession Mounts: These are always viable to stockpile. For example the Vial of the Sands. Has been selling very well and that’s mainly down to the materials needed to craft one. Be careful for dupes though, especially with the Jewelcrafting mounts.

Not Collecting:
Garn Nighthowl
and any other mount that is heavily farmed in WoD, I will be ignoring! The prices for these on the auction house are approximately 2-4k and I doubt they will go up, considering how many people out there farming them already. Farming them will be made easier too, when players are level 110 come legion!

This is just a couple of things to consider. Obviously I’m not going to disclose all the pets and mounts, as some I want to keep to myself, you know how it is…lol. But I hope that this post can give you some inspiration and what pets and mounts to stockpile. Please remember prices are a guide from my server, each server differs from one to another. I also appreciate that you will have different opinions to mine set out above, if you do, again I welcome you to comment below. Maybe you have ideas to share, feel free to post too.

I hope you enjoyed my post and look forward to seeing you all again soon. Thanks for reading!