Pet Battles: Sir Galveston

Pet Battles: Sir Galveston

Pet Battles: Sir Galveston

Today, Wednesday 26th January sees the return of the Pet Battle: Sir Galveston within the E.U region. If you’re unaware, when this Pet Battle coincides with the Pet Battle week bonus (Sign of the Critter), you can level a level battle pet to level 25 in two battles.

Yes, due to this only taking 9 rounds to complete, this is more efficient than leveling pets via your Garrisons Menagerie and the pet battle: Squirt!

For my readers that live within the U.S region, Sir Galveston will be available for you from tomorrow (Thursday 27th January).

Where is Sir Galveston located?

You can locate Sir Galveston within the pet battle arena of Dalaran (Legion). Coordinates [28.24]. He will be available for one day, so be prompt if you want to level many battle pets!


We’ll need a level 25 Court Scribe [P/S] and a level 25 Surger [S/S]. I specifically opted for these breeds as they appear to return a 100% success rate!

Your leveling pet can be whatever pet you wish. As the pet doesn’t enter the fight, they won’t take any damage, which means it can be as low as level 1. This is an ideal opportunity to level those expensive battle pets.


For this to be efficient, we’re going to need a specific set of skills, cue Liam Neesen meme! The skills that aren’t important have been highlighted with an asterisk. Add any skill here, as it won’t be used!

Court Scribe:
  • Stot One: (1) Arcane Blast
  • Slot Two: (*) Any
  • Slot Three: (2) Curse of Doom
  • Slot One: (*) Any
  • Slot Two: (1) Stone Rush
  • Slot Three: (1) Body Slam


Thank you to nogulpfrog from wow-petguide, who has shared their strategy. Check out the website for other pet battle guides and strategies!

  • Move One: Arcane Blast
  • Move Two: Arcane Blast
  • Move Three: Pass!
  • Move Four: Arcane Blast
  • Move Five: Arcane Blast (Coach dies)
  • Move Six: Curse of Doom (Court Scribe dies)
  • Select Surger
  • Move Seven: Body Slam
  • Move Eight: Stone Rush
  • Move Nine: Body Slam (Greatest Foe dies)
  • Move Ten: Stone Rush (Sir Murkeston dies)

YouTube Video:

For those that would prefer a visual look at this battle played out, please check out my short video below. I chose the battle pet Naxxy to level, remember, you can opt for any pet you wish!

Sign of the Critter:

Every seven weeks, there’s a bonus event [Sign of the Critter] which gives 100% increased experience via Pet Battles. This event is fantastic when one of the power leveling Pet Battles is also active, as it means we can level Battle Pets to level 25 in two battles!

85% Leveling Buff!

If the battle pet bonus event [Sign of the Critter] isn’t active, and Sir Galveston (or any other power leveling Pet Battles are available), check out the Battle Pet Masters scattered around Azeroth and put those Pet Charms to good use.

Although nowhere near beneficial as the increased 100% experience gained from the bonus event, we can still obtain an 85% increase to battle pet experience by purchasing Pet Treats and equipping either the Safari Hat or the Darkmoon Top Hat.


After completing your two fights (as outlined in the video above), you’ll find yourself a couple of levels short of level 25. By using Flawless Battle-Training Stones, you can reach level 25! Visit a Battle Pet Master for these Stones!

I recommend not purchasing the [Mystery Bag]. Although the bag is cheaper than buying the Flawless Battle-Training Stone, and you have a chance to obtain two Stones, be warned the Battle-Training Stones from within the [Mystery Bag] are Family Specific!

If you don’t have enough Pet Charms to purchase any Flawless Battle-Training Stones, do one more battle (three in total) to reach level 25!

If you cannot buy any of the above, and the bonus event isn’t live, it will take you four battles to get level 25!

Can I Stack the 85% Buffs with the 100% Bonus Event?

Yes, you can! Be warned; this method is only beneficial if you have Flawless Battle-Training Stones!

While [Sign of the Critter] is active, and using the details above regarding the 85% buff, participate in one Pet Battle with Sir Galveston (or any other power leveling Pet Battles are available) and use Flawless Battle-Training Stones to reach level 25.

I can’t stress this enough if you do not have Flawless Battle-Training Stones, stacking the 85% buffs and the 100% Bonus Event is worthless!


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Thanks for reading!