Relic of the Past Nerfed!

With six days till the release of the Shadowlands pre-patch on E.U (14th Oct), Blizzard has finally acted on the vast amounts of profit that was achievable on the PTR using the Relic Shuffle. To understand the Relic of the Past in greater detail, here’s my original post. Blizzard has added three vendor items, which will be necessary to craft a Relic. With the new additions, it has increased the crafting cost to craft Relics, meaning it’s now less profitable to shuffle these Relics to a vendor.

The Nerf:

Each profession has their own Relic crafted with different materials, this is also true with respect to the new vendor items, as outlined below:

With respect to the vendor items in Battle for Azeroth (BFA), these were only accessible from BFA vendors. The vendor items mentioned above may only be available from Shadowlands vendors. Wowhead hasn’t confirmed this, but if this is the case, you won’t be able to craft Relics when the pre-patch hits, instead you’ll need to wait until Shadowlands releases with all the new zones, etc.

When you craft a Relic of the Past I, it will also require one vendor item associated with that profession (e.g. Blacksmithing Relic will require Luminous Flux); the amount of vendor items required per Relic increases substantially depending on the Relic you wish to craft. I’ve outlined below a complete rundown of the number of vendor items needed to craft each Relic.

Relic of the Past I – 1 Vendor Item
Relic of the Past II – 2 Vendor Items
Relic of the Past III – 3 Vendor Items
Relic of the Past IV – 15 Vendor Items
Relic of the Past V – 25 Vendor Items

As you can see, to craft the Relics IV and V you need 15 and 25 vendor items, this means that there is no longer large amounts of profit, when crafting items to sell to the vendor. The nerf was a well-needed addition to the PTR, without it, there would’ve been people practically printing money! The knock-on effect would’ve vastly inflated the economy, and there would’ve been a reaction to the WoWToken prices too.

Don’t be disheartened, this Relic system should still be a great addition to the game and those that look to level will be looking for Relics, as they increase in level and look to upgrade their gear. The next couple of weeks will show how crafted items scale when Relics upgrade their pieces and some may turn out to be best in slot. So don’t be put off just yet, as there could be further markets in the future, only time will tell.

EDIT: Added on 14.10.2020
The Devs have also added a nerf to Relic V. They have reduced it’s level requirement and ilvl. The updated information is outlined below. I can only imagine this nerf, is to prolong the current BFA gear for level 50 characters.

Relic V
Required level: 47
ilvl: 54

Players Adapting, Have You?

What is also evident this morning is the rush to quickly offload materials to the Auction House that players have purchased/stockpiled to take advantage of the shuffle upon the pre-patch launch. There will be a lot of players this morning dumping these materials, hoping for others unaware of these changes incoming and buying up these materials. A tweet I saw immediately after logging in this morning on Twitter from @Hikons, shows the dramatic rush of players dumping their Runecloth on to the Auction House.

Be sure to drop a follow to Hikons if you haven’t done so already! Excellent gold-maker that plays on U.S. servers. He also streams on Twitch and uploads content to Youtube! Added links so you can check him out!

My Opinion:

I believe this to be a quick fix or desperate move from Blizzard to prevent the inevitable, they should’ve acted sooner and implemented a better system, that is after all, why we have Alpha/Beta for testing purposes. Instead, they’ve left it 6 days before release of the pre-patch to act, and here’s hoping it doesn’t have a detrimental effect on what could’ve been good.

Personally, I didn’t invest in this market at all. I wasn’t going to participate in the Relic Shuffle, as I’m aware of previous issues in the past, where Blizzard had handed out unfair bans/suspensions when it deemed something to be an exploit, especially when developers created the issues themselves. This is why so many Goldmakers were trying to get Blizzard to act quickly on this issue. I’m not stating this is or was an exploit, just merely playing it safe due to previous issues within the Gold-making community.

The best way I can translate this change to be a necessary one, is in the long run, if this method of Relic shuffling went live, the need for players to buy WoWTokens to get gold in-game would be non-existent. There would be an extremely easy way to earn guaranteed gold in-game (practically AFK) this would mean those that purchase WoWTokens, wouldn’t need to any longer and this would increase the prices of WoWTokens until they disappeared.

Please remember, these changes are from the PTR and look very likely to come in pre-patch, but future changes can and will happen. Please adapt accordingly. Only invest with gold you can afford to lose.

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Relic of the Past (Shadowlands)

With Shadowlands almost on the horizon, I ventured on to our trusted source of data, Wowhead, with the task of reading up on Relics of the Past. This will be the new optional crafting reagent coming to Shadowlands. The premise of the Relics, is to upgrade armor or weapons, to a greater required level and item level dependant on the Relic used. You can now increase your gear as you level. Below I’ve added some information for each Relic.

RelicItem LevelMin. Level
Relic of the Past I2315
Relic of the Past II3325
Relic of the Past III4335
Relic of the Past IV5645
Relic of the Past V8750

Each profession, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Tailoring will have the ability to craft 5 Relics, using materials associated with that profession. The higher the Relic, the greater the number of materials needed.

Below are three sheets I quickly knocked up, in a bid to help readers either farm or begin stockpiling materials needed to craft these relics. Please be aware, that whilst Shadowlands is still in Beta, information and quantities can and will change up until release. Please always check Wowhead for updates.

Awaiting Blizzard for clarification on Draenic Iron Ore, which is currently unavailable to players.

Click on an image to enlarge it.

Update: On the 8th October, Blizzard released a new patch to the PTR in preparation for the Shadowlands pre-patch and the new changes/nerf to the Relic of the Past. Please check the link out here to see these changes. The new vendor materials needed can be found below:

Most of my Guild Banks have a lot of these materials already, so it won’t be an issue for me, but this might be something of interest to you going into Shadowlands. If you’d like to start stockpiling some of these items too, here’s a simple TSM Import String. This string has all the materials needed and a simple 100% DBMarket shopping operation by default. Be sure to amend this to your own operation if you wish.

On the whole, I think this is a great addition to the game this will make professions worthwhile throughout previous expansions and will no doubt extend the life of items, the more you’re willing to upgrade it as you journey to level 50 (Expected cap). With the recent changes to heirlooms, it’s great that we can in some shape or form, still equip and forget our gear as we level, bearing in mind, that you remember to use your Relic upon hitting that new level milestone. The only thing I’m not sure of is how items will scale, especially at level 50 and the gear we’ll acquire through the pre-patch event. I haven’t taken the option to play Shadowlands Beta, as I simply don’t have the spare time, but if you have access, be sure to check out where the ilvl 100 gear scales with current BFA gear. It’s also worth wondering where scaling will leave twink brackets and best in slot twink gear.

If you’d like to check out the gear that will be upgradable, using Relics, then check out this link.

If you’d like to read up more on the Relic of the Past, or maybe check for updates, etc, then please check out Wowhead for their guide or alternatively, check out this excellent video from SamadanPlaysWoW where he discusses the shuffle advantages of crafting low level gear, upgrading it with a Relic and selling the finished product to the vendor for massive profit margins.

I hope you enjoyed this post today. Until next time…