Gold Making: A Beginner’s Guide To Transmog by Peelyon

If you’ve ever wanted to dip into the Transmog Market and in need of some direction then please do check out Peelyon’s Gold Making: A Beginner’s Guide To Transmog at Icy Veins. It’s excellently written and offers a wealth of information to help all new and experienced players get into the Transmog Market as effortlessly as possible.

If you’ve dreaded the task of getting to grips with Transmog in the past, then fear no more, as Peelyon guides you carefully and thoroughly through every aspect of farming, the best classes and importantly, the best addons such as LootAppraiser and TSM.

You can also follow Peelyon via social media, Ive added links below. Please check him out and take some time to offer some feedback. Feedback is very important to a blogger, streamer as it gives them the motivation to continue and to offer further guides, information to those in need in the future.


Twitch Streamer Highlight

I’ve decided to do something slightly different today and highlight a couple of the World of Warcraft streamers that I watch now and again on Twitch. Most are Gold-making streams, but I’ve added a couple of alternatives, that are worth an honorable mention, below. For a complete list of Content Creators I enjoy watching, check out this post.


XionikandSheyrah: You maybe familiar with Sheyrah, as she offers a lot of in-depth import strings for TSM and even has a full TSM profile you can download. She hosts a Twitch channel, with her partner Xionik where they farm old content and work the auction house. They boast to have made 110 million gold and counting and always willing to offer tips and answer any questions you have within the stream and the WoW-Economy subreddit.

Peelyon: I have mentioned Peelyon a couple of times in my previous posts and this guy is someone you want to take note of, if you want to be successful in the battle pet market. I thought I was a big player on the pet scene, until I came across Peelyon. I used to flip level 25 Battle Pets on the auction house for a decent profit, but thankfully, I came across his stream and learnt how to power level from 1-25 and can see an increase in profits with his technique.

Although Peelyon is pretty new compared to the rest in this list, don’t let that put you off. He offers a lot of advice and is always willing to answer any of your questions. Oh and did I forget to say he’s a fellow Brit, so if you love the British sense of humour, got a hankering for those Northern dulcet tones? then you’re in for a treat!

Brozerian: Here’s another hardcore farmer with a lot of strategies to offer. Most of his streams/guides come with GPH (gold per hour) in the title, to give you an understanding of what you could make. C’mon… people like shiny titles! Thanks to Brozerian, I was able to find a very good farming spot for Volatile Water.

Pechthefarmer: Here you can find a mixture of farming, leveling and even some Arena gameplay. If memory serves me correctly, he multi-boxes with his 4 alts, 5 in total. This method, makes gold making extremely easy and time efficient. Viewers also earn gold coins for watching his streams, which in turn give you a chance to win in some of his giveaways.

These are the gold-making streamer’s I enjoy watching on Twitch. Maybe you watch others, let us know who you enjoy watching and why. I’ve added two bonus streamers below, they’re not gold farmers, but maybe someone you’d enjoy watching.

Other Streamers:

Swifty: I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Swifty, but if you haven’t, don’t worry. I’ve heard this guy is big in the Warrior scene with his one shot macro…lol. If you like Battlegrounds, Arena or even rated PvP you have to be watching this guy. Swifty has been playing World of Warcraft since TBC so holds a wealth of experience. His streams are very fun and if you find yourself awake in the early hours of the morning (if your like myself from the UK), then be sure to join his streams Monday to Friday.

Huge giveaways and a new point system in effect, so you can rack up those points to participate in his giveaways. Swifty also streams for Nvidia, so does on occasion, play a variety of other games.

Cohhcarnage: Not known for playing World of Warcraft, but was definitely worth a mention. This guy is an extremely good streamer and plays a whole wealth of different game titles. When Fallout 4 was released it was thanks to Coh that I even got to look at this game. He has a fantastic community of viewers and boasts a very well set up website, where you can build points for watching, which in-turn count towards future giveaways. I seriously recommend this guy, just for his streaming ability alone, but his gaming ability is right up there too! If you want a review or an opinion on a game, then look no further.

For a complete list of the Content Creators I enjoy watching, check out my post here! How many of them do you watch already? or have I missed anyone out, that I should be watching? Let me know in the comments below!