Outland Timewalking Dungeon Event 25-02-16

This weeks event is the Outland Timewalking Dungeon Event and means our battles and foes lie in the depths of The Burning Crusade (TBC) expansion. You’d probably be wondering what’s the point to this blog post. Well wonder no more, as I explain a little trick that’s been doing the rounds recently and it involves minipulating the mechanic of scaling down your gear. As the scaling down is very difficult for Blizzard to get exactly spot on, people have found that it’s benficial to grind the Best in Slot (BiS) gear for TBC to prevent the need for the mechanic altogether, and with an extra emphasis on taking advantage of the extra gem slots.

We as Goblins can profit from this, because if you had a BiS chest from Hellfire Citadel Warlords of Draenor (WoD) with one gem slot, which was then scaled down, the gem value would be [example] 1 x +10 of any primary stat, whereas if you were fortunate to have a BiS chest from Sunwell (TBC), with 3 x +10 of any primary stat, already you’ve boosted +20 of your primary stat and that’s just the start of things. This is a fantastic opportunity, to get out those old TBC recipes or crafts as the demand increases for them.

Ive already seen an increase in sales for Crimson Spinel cuts within Jewelcrafting and sure there would be an increase in sales for Enchants etc. We’re barely into the first day of the event and the profits are rolling in. I’m sure if you scoure the internet, there will be better writeups for this tactic, but this blog post is solely for the aim of informing you of this crafting opportunity. This tactic will work on any Timewalking Dungeon Event, so be sure to start stocking up on other gems, enchants etc if you havent already!

If you’re passing by and see this and you have a detailed writup of this, feel free to drop me a link below and I’d be happy to direct all to your post.

Thanks for reading!