Gold Making: A Beginner’s Guide To Transmog by Peelyon

If you’ve ever wanted to dip into the Transmog Market and in need of some direction then please do check out Peelyon’s Gold Making: A Beginner’s Guide To Transmog at Icy Veins. It’s excellently written and offers a wealth of information to help all new and experienced players get into the Transmog Market as effortlessly as possible.

If you’ve dreaded the task of getting to grips with Transmog in the past, then fear no more, as Peelyon guides you carefully and thoroughly through every aspect of farming, the best classes and importantly, the best addons such as LootAppraiser and TSM.

You can also follow Peelyon via social media, Ive added links below. Please check him out and take some time to offer some feedback. Feedback is very important to a blogger, streamer as it gives them the motivation to continue and to offer further guides, information to those in need in the future.


Icy Veins

Having an army of Alts at my disposal, means I have to make sure that they’re properly geared and set up correctly. I do this, by collecting all my information from a website called Icy Veins. I used to use a site called Noxxic, but to be blunt, it was very poor. After using the powerful tool, that is Google and reading many reviews, I finally found Icy Veins and allas, I finally got my Alts correctly setup.

You can find complete guides for every class, created by some of the best players in World of Warcraft. The information is constantly updated and many of the guides are backed up with many hours of theory crafting, meaning we dont have to take the pain staking task of doing it ourselves.

Each class guide covers the following;

Builds, Talents and Glyphs: Learn how to choose your talents and glyphs
Rotations, Cooldowns and Abilities: Master your rotation and cooldowns
Buffs, Debuffs and useful abilities: Discover your arsenal and useful abilities
Stat Priority: Read up on respective values of your statistics
Enchants, Gems and Consumables: Choose the best Enchants and Gems
Macros and Addons: Step up your game with useful Macros and addons
Gearing up and (BiS) Best in Slot: Find the best gear for your character

An added bonus to what Icy Veins has to offer, is their indepth guides on Raiding, Questing, earning Reputations and last but not least Garrisons. I know that these guides can be found on Wowhead, but the ability to have them all under one place, is very convenient, especially, if time is of the essence.

If you’ve not visited Icy Veins yet, see for youself, what all the hype is about and cast your own opinion. It’s an integral part of my setup and what I use to maximise my gameplay within World of Warcraft.