November 30th Hotfixes

Well it looks like Shipyard Missions are the most notable changes in this Hotfix. No doubt, this is a catch up mechanic for those who didnt enjoy the Shipyard from the start, due to the cost in resources and the % chance of a ship to sink in a failed rare mission. Shipyard changes below.

Naval Missions

Rare Naval Missions should now appear more frequently

Increasing the chance of success on a naval mission will now also decrease the chance a ship will be destroyed on failure. If the mission success chance is at or above 90%, no ships will be lost on the mission.

Naval blockade missions now have a shorter duration of 30 minutes (down from 4 hours), reduced Oil cost to 50 (down from 100), and increased the amount of time before a naval blockade returns to 7 days (up from 5 days).

Ships and Crews

Increased success chance bonus on missions provided by a Human Crew by 50%.

Increased success chance bonus on missions provided by a Pandaren Crew by 33% and the bonus will now apply to Missions that are 12 hours or longer (was 18 hours or longer).

Significantly increased the effectiveness and bonuses provided by Naval Equipment items by 100%.

PvP Season 3

To finish, if your getting involved with the PvP in Season 3, you’ll also be grateful to see, that this hotfix has finally fixed the issue with the Warmongering Gladiator’s Medallion of Adaption and Warmongering Gladiator’s Medallion of Cruelty that had the wrong information within the tootip.