If you havent been fortunate enough to have heard about LootAppraiser until now and you’re an avid farmer like myself, then you’ve been missing out. LootAppraiser in the words of the developer, Wowprofitz “making farming sexy”…lol. The addon simply uses data from your TSM (i.e. DBmarket value) for your item value. This can be changed to what suits you. Click here to see a video regarding the addon by Wowprofitz.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to watch some of his recent streams on Twitch and seen this addon in full swing. Wowprofitz is a well known person to many around the gold blogging scene, but you can also catch him at his Youtube channel and Twitch channel, click on the appropriate links to check him out. Be sure to follow and subscribe to him for future updates and tips.

LootApprasier in my eyes;

Since I downloaded and started using LootAppraiser, I’ve noticed that I don’t have to pay so much attention to the chat log or loot box to see what I’m looting. Instead this marvelous addon, has an alert that pings, when you loot something of value that is above a certain threshold that you’ve set within the addons settings. It will also keep a running total of the gold made through the session and has a nice little stopwatch to track the total time of you current session.

For my settings as an example, I only get notifications on items looted above 1k and that of an uncommon quality or above. So if something is looted for 1k or above and is Green, Rare or Epic quality I will get a notification alerting me of my new found treasure. However, looted grey items or items of no interest will be ignored as such, but the vendor value will still total in the total of gold made in the current session.

It’s important to remember that at this stage, the addon is in Beta and Wowprofitz is always looking to improve the addon further. If it does prove to become better than it already is, then I can see this addon becoming a very important tool for gold farmers in WoW.

Thanks for reading guys and don’t forget to share some love to the developer Wowprofits. Be sure to post your epic loot below!