Farming: Cobra Scales

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Farming Cobra Scales:

Cobra Scales are an essential material needed to craft eight Transmog pieces. Depending on your realm, these can cost between 200g – 1200g each. To increase your profit margins, I suggest farming these materials yourself, unless you can get your Cobra Scales for 200g.

Transmog Crafts:

I’d recommend ignoring the two Leg Armors, as these are a niche craft and don’t sell too often.

Instead, it would be best to consider crafting these six Transmog pieces below; these crafts demand a lot of gold when sold on the Auction House. Check to see if you have the patterns; if not, check the Auction House for the recipes!

Mobs to Farm:

There are three mobs you can farm and skin to obtain Cobra Scales. They are;

Each mob has a 10% chance to yield a Cobra Scale when skinned. It’s best to farm the Twilight Serpents as they’re easy to farm within Nagrand.

Locations 1 and 2

Once you kill and loot a Twilight Serpent, it takes approximately 5-7 minutes to respawn. Thankfully, we have two close locations that will significantly reduce the time waiting for respawns. The locations are Location 1: Warmaul Hill (Twilight Ridge) and Location 2: Forge Camp: Fear (Twilight Ridge).

I’d suggest clearing Location 1: Warmaul Hill, then quickly moving to the Location 2: Forge Camp. Once cleared, return to Location 1, where the Twilight Serpents should have respawned. Rinse and repeat till you reach your goal.

Location One:

Location 1 Farming Cobra Scales

Warmaul Hill (Twilight Ridge) can be found at coordinates [20.35] within Nagrand. You will find approximately 11 Twilight Serpents here. Scattered around the location are Herb and Ore nodes; if you have Herbalism or Mining, consider farming these too! Also in close proximately are Wild Sparrowhawks; consider killing these if you wish.

Location 2:

Location 2 for farming Cobra Scales

The Forge Camp (Twilight Ridge) is located close by at coordinates [11.40] within Nagrand. When you approach the area, you will notice there is a lot of mobs here. There are approximately 13 Twilight Serpents here. If you wish, you can kill everything you see here. There are also Herb and Ore nodes you can farm too.

Valuing Your Cobra Scales:

If you’d prefer to sell the materials, here are some Regional Median Prices (RMP) from TheUndermineJounal (TUJ)

Material E.U Median U.S Median
Cobra Scales 1200g 00s 1200g 00s

Please consider posting a small amount to the Auction House at any one time. Posting high amounts of Cobra Scales will reduce its value considerably – ideally, we want our customers to believe these items are rare and will continue to hold their value!

Although the Cobra Scales are approximately 1200g each (RMP), I would urge caution and significantly reduce that price if you want to make a sale. Anything around the 200g to 400g mark should entice someone to purchase your Cobra Scales.

The prices suggested above by TUJ are simply a guide and are based on regional data. Be sure to enter your specific realm to obtain precise data for your realm.

 The Results:

Here are my results from farming Location 1: Warmaul Hill and Location 2: Forge Camp for one hour. Please note, I only killed and looted Twilight Serpents. If you kill other mobs in the area, you will get considerably more loot than my results. 

It’s essential to remember that RNG can and will record different results.

I have decided not to highlight the results at the top of this blog post to prevent any possibility of clickbait; I hope you appreciate this decision.

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