WoW’s 17th Anniversary Event

WoW's 17th Anniversary Event

WoW’s 17th Anniversary:

It’s WoW’s 17th Anniversary and for the next 3 weeks, there’s plenty of things to do and obtain. The event finishes on the 6th of December, so be sure to acquire and participate in all the festivities on offer.

I’ve added information below, which I feel will be of interest to my readers. Feel free to drop me a line, if there’s nothing covered below, which you’re unsure of.

Anniversary Gift Package:

Upon logging in, you’ll receive a package within your mailbox called the Anniversary Gift Package. When you open the package, you’ll find the following.

If you’re like me, and you have a lot of alts on your account(s), be sure to log them all in and receive your Anniversary Gift Package. The 200 Timewarped Badges and the Celebration Package alone are worth the effort.

Timewalking Badges:

200 Timewarped Badges might not sound great, but it’s not bad for just logging in during this three-week event. What makes this more appealing is you can obtain this on all your alts, too; this is why I mentioned at the beginning of my post to log them all in.

Although these Timewarped Badges are bind on equip, you can spend your Timewarped Badges on items during a Timewalking event and post Bind on Account items to your alts/main (i.e. Reputation Commendations).

Remember, there are level restrictions in place for specific Timewalking events. Can you please take into account your alts level when trying to access a Timewalking vendor.

Celebration Package:

The recent changes to leveling alts in patch 9.1.5 and the introduction of the Celebration Package means it’s never been a better time to level alts. Upon using the Celebration Package, you will receive a buff that will increase experience and reputation gains by 17%; this will last until the end of the event.

If you accidentally misplace your Celebration Package, you can purchase a replacement from, Historian Ma’di for 15 copper. He also offers other items from previous Anniversary rewards for sale.

Now, if you’re bold, activate War Mode and further increase those experience gains.

A Timely Invitation:

Before you head on out on your journey to the Caverns of Time to hand in the quest: A Timely Invitation, consider opting out of War Mode. When the Anniversary event is active, many players will farm honorable kills around the quest giver, Chromie.

Although the area is heavily patrolled by the Warden’s of Time, well geared and organized players can/will hinder you and survive the impending onslaught from the Wardens.

Korrak’s Revenge:

Ah, the return of Korrak’s Revenge, Alterac Valley. I haven’t participated in this unique Battleground yet, this year. But if it’s anything like the previous anniversary events, this should be fun. I remember a Korrak’s Revenge quest; once you completed it, you got a weapon based on your level and item level. Sadly, this is no longer available!

However, when you visit Chromie to hand in the quest: A Timely Invitation, be sure to pick up the quest she offers called: Soldier of Time. Upon completion, you will receive 5 Mark of Honor,  and 200 Timewarped Badges.

I’m unsure at this point whether leveling within this Battleground will be sufficient. I also remember last year when Blizzard nerfed experience gains. However, it’s still fun, and once you complete the objective: Alterac Valley of Olde, you’ll receive another 200 Timewarped Badges!

Be prepared; these battles can last a long time!

Classic World Bosses:

Throughout Azeroth, you will encounter some of the classic world bosses, the Dragons of Nightmare, Azuregos, and Lord Kazzak. If you’re level 30 and above, join a party and defeat them. There are some excellent rewards on offer, don’t forget the weekly quest The Originals from Historian Llore. This is a weekly quest and will also highlight the Dragon of Nightmare available for that day.

Introduced this year is the world boss: Doomwalker at the entrance of the Caverns of Time, in Tanaris. Pick up the quest: Doomwalkin’ Has Come Knockin’ from Chromie. You will receive 150 Timewarped Badges for defeating Doomwalker.

Where To Find The World Bosses?

The Dragons of Nightmare:

Only one of these Dragons will be available for that given day, and they rotate on a scheduled basis.

Lord Kazzak:

Rotation of The Dragons of Nightmare:

Addy, a contributor on Wowhead, has updated his comment, with this year’s (2021) Dragons of Nightmare rotation. For details, click the link here to view his content.

Please do leave a comment and like, to show your appreciation for his/her work.

Improving Your Chance Of Loot:

If you’re like me, you’ll know how frustrating RNG can be within World of Warcraft when obtaining loot. Thankfully, when you kill a classic world boss, we have the opportunity to get a bonus roll via the Seal of Wartorn Fate.

The Seal of Wartorn Fate was a coin you could purchase during the Battle for Azeroth expansion. Funnily enough, we can still buy these! There is a purchase limit of 2 coins per week, with a total cap of 5.

What Bosses Can I Bonus Roll On?

Only, Doomwalker, Azuregos, and Lord Kazzak appear to let you use a coin for a bonus roll. I’ve not had the bonus roll option when defeating one of the Dragons of Nightmare.

Purchase Information:

With a limit of 2 coins per week, I’d suggest purchasing the first coin for 250 War Resources and the second coin for 2000 gold; this will ultimately save you gold due to the second coin doubling in price. However, if you don’t have the War Resources, then purchase the two coins with gold; this will set you back 7000 gold in total.

You do have the option of using Mark of Honor, but these could be spent elsewhere, but ultimately, that’s your decision.

Horde Players:

Visit the Master of Fate, Zurvan, within The Maelstrom Mercantile of Dazar’alor. Coordinates [54.87].

Alliance Players:

You can find the Master of Fate, Tezran, within Snug Harbor Inn of Boralus. Coordinates [71.13].

A Time To Reflect:

There is also a daily quest on offer, from Historian Llore, called A Time to Reflect. Answer an easy question regarding the lore of World of Warcraft, and in return, you’ll receive 5 Timewarped Badges.


There’s not a great deal that can be made gold-making-wise during the event. But as mentioned above, if you can obtain as many Timewarped Badges as you can, when other Timewalking events are available, you can purchase Bind on Account Reputation Commendations.

Many recipes are locked behind reputation requirements, such as the panthers from the Order of the Cloud Serpent. This method is more straightforward with Order of the Cloud Serpent Commendations during the Mists of Pandaria Timewalking Event.


If you’re new to World of Warcraft or struggling to get that character to level 60, now is the time to get started. With Blizzard introducing their overpriced level 60 boost within the shop, trying to entice players to skip leveling, this anniversary event is an excellent alternative!

With classic world bosses and a weekly quest on offer, there’s plenty of opportunities to gear your main or your alts. Level 60’s can earn ilvl 226 items, whereas players level 30 and above will obtain gear appropriate to their level; thanks to the scaling system.

If you would like further clarification on what is on offer over the next three weeks, please do head on over to our trusted friends at Wowhead for their guide on WoW’s 17th Anniversary Event.


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