Moving Excess Gold with a Character Transfer

GoldBefore I start, I urge you not to get sucked into trading gold from realm to realm, this obviously has so many risks, far greater than any of the tips I have below. Dont fall victim to the scammers that are already ruining this game!

So you’ve dug deep into your pocket and opted to do a Character Transfer from one realm to another, well unless you’ve been fortunate and have been offered the Free Character migration, lucky you…lol.

With any character transfer paid or for free, there are restrictions in place and most notably are the limits of Gold transferred. Most would bypass this restriction altogether and opt for a Guild Transfer instead, as you can transfer gold cap (999.999.99), using a Guild Bank, but many are put off by it due to the price. Not only this, but you can have up to 8 blank slot to transfer all your belonging too.

Sadly, with the character transfer, the limit is significantly less, depending on your level. Here’s a run down of the limits per level.

Level (10-30) 300g
Level (31-50) 1.000g
Level (51-70) 5.000g
Level (71-80) 20.000g
Level (81-100) 50.000g

So, for example, were level 100 and currently sitting with 100.000g making us 50.000g above the limit, how can we get this gold across, without flagging our transfer with issues. Here’s 2 options I’ve used and have advised others to do in the past.

Garrison Recipes:
This is in my eyes is the safest way, its by purchasing the Garrison recipes. These are the recipes you can buy from Rezlak (Horde) or Sparz Boltwist (Alliance) for as little as 750g to a maximum of 1.500g each. You will need a lot of bag space, as potentially, you’ll need to buy about 33-34 recipes at 1.500g each and they don’t stack.

Once your transfer is complete, simply visit any vendor and sell the recipes. They will sell for the exact price you paid for them. What’s better, is there is no time limit. So this is an excellent option risk free, well unless you accidentally delete them, but I doubt you’ll do that!

Battle Pets:
This will take a little more homework, hence why it’s a little more riskier, but if you calculate it well, there will be no hitches. Simply go to The Undermine Journal and find the realm you’re looking to transfer to. Now go to the Auction House and look at the Battle Pets available. Cross reference any battle Pets that interest you and see what the difference is. If you see any pets that will make a good profit, then simply buy them and learn them. Remember, you can only have a maximum of 3 of any pet learnt. Anymore than the 3 and they will take up bag space.

If all fails and you can’t make any profit, you can always cut your losses and sell for cost. You’ll lose a small amount of gold, to the Auction House cut. I very much doubt you’ll struggle though, unless you made a mistake on the pets you purchased. Make sure you note down your purchases, prices etc. Notepad is a godsend for this or you may prefer Excel, each to their own.

Anyway, I hope these tips serve you well and help get that gold across, without paying the extra cash for a Guild Transfer. If you have any tips you’d like to share, or liked this post, please do share your comments below and subscribe.

Thanks for reading.