Dragonflight Launch Roadmap

Dragonflight Launch Road

Courtesy of worldofwarcraft.com

Dragonflight Launch Roadmap:

Blizzard today revealed their Dragonflight Launch Roadmap via Twitter. If you’ve not seen it, they’ve confirmed that, as anticipated, the Dragonflight Pre-Patch: Primal Storms will release on the 25th of October (for the U.S Region) and the 26th of October (for the E.U Region)!

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Blizzard’s Summer Sale

Blizzard Summer Sale

Courtesy of worldofwarcraft.com

Blizzard’s Summer Sale:

It seems only a week ago when the last sale ended, and we already have another. Blizzard has started their Summer Sale with savings on many items within the Blizzard Store, including, Pets, Mounts, Character Services for World of Warcraft, and discounts for other Blizzard titles.

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Blizzard’s Black Friday Sales

Blizzard’s Black Friday Sales
If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of days, you may have missed the news that Blizzard have started their Black Friday Sales. A lot of their products are on sale, however it appears that there’s no sales on their World of Warcraft character services, which is a shame!

blizzard black friday sales

Level 100 Character Boost trick
If you’re like myself and have been holding off for another account , Pets/Mounts from the store or maybe another level 100 character boost, then these deals are for you! Instead of paying the £60 for a level 100 character boost, simply buy another copy of Legion & Battle chest and use the free character boost on a character on your main account. Then let the new account expire, leaving your character boost on your main account.

RAF (Refer a Friend)
You can go a little further and RAF (refer a friend) yourself. A great video showing how to below! Currently the wowtoken is at 300k on EU… you can purchase your new account, get one Month’s free game-time and on top of that get a free Month on your main account for the referral. This is what I did and the benefits are awesome.

Before today, I had 3 accounts, I now have 5! I’m looking at making myself a 5 man dual-boxing/multi-boxing team. I already have Isboxer, which is a fantastic piece of software, which sends keystrokes to multiple game clients at any one time. This is completely legitimate and doesn’t break any of Blizzards ToS. If this interests you and you’d like to try out Isboxer too, then please take advantage of their 7 day trial and also consider using my referral code and get a further 15 days free if you decide on purchasing a subscription.

Referral Code/Friend Code: grahamrandall290680@btinternet.com

lavish friend code

Destiny 2 & Overwatch
The Black Friday Sales
also include Blizzard’s, Destiny 2 and Overwatch! If you’ve been waiting on these sales, then don’t hang around, get involved and take advantage of these great deals before it ends. I wasn’t too fussed on both of these titles, but with these sales, it’s made it a little sweeter to try them out.

Next Week’s Sales & Catch UP!
With respect to purchasing my new accounts and trying to set everything up, my Sales and Catch Up, will be postponed next Monday. This is so I can concentrate on sorting everything out asap. I will return the following Monday (07.12.17). Gold Making will be at a minimum, so you won’t miss much (or is that, I miss much!?) LOL.

Take care and happy hunting in the sales!

In-Game Memorial to Todd Borden

I was fortunate today to come across a great YouTube video from the depths of Facebook and I couldnt believe how refreshing it was. I use the term refreshing, purely, because of how much hate and horrible things we see on a day to day basis and it can be easy to forget alot of the good things. It’s thanks to videos like this one today, that shows there’s still alot of good out there, even if we have to search for it, it’s there!

As you’ll know, recently, Robin Williams sadly passed away and Blizzard wanted to remember him, by adding a memorial in-game and chose to remember him from his much loved character, Genie from Aladdin. But if you thought this was an awesome tribute only extended to Blizzard employees or famous stars, you’ll be hugely mistaken, as I was too.

Matt Kelley has kindly shared this video, and it briefly tells us about his longtime friend Todd, who sadly died from ALS last year. As they were both keen players of World of Warcraft, Matt felt it was only fitting, that he’d try and get a tribute in honor of his dear friend in-game and thankfully, Blizzard came through and made a permanent memorial for Todd.

Situated in the harbor of Stormwind, stands a level 51 engineer by the name of Todd Borden. Todd was 51 when he passed away and was an engineer by trade. He also loved playing the bass guitar and had interests in sport. Blizzard have also incorperated a guitar and some soccer balls and baseballs to signify this.

I thought this was absolutely amazing and a very nice gesture from Blizzard. I know that this post is somewhat different than what I usually post, but I felt it deserved to be shared to you all, it’s not every day you get the opportunity to see something like this. Thank you to Matt for sharing with us all. There are many other in-game tributes if you wish to check them out, please click here.

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Rest in Peace Todd Borden.