Add-on: Point Blank Sniper

Add-on: Point Blank Sniper

Point Blank Sniper:

Welcome to today’s blog post. Today I’ll discuss the benefits of a new Add-on by plusmouse called Point Blank Sniper. This Add-on was brought to my attention by Vahdis on Twitter. It’s a very lightweight Add-on, requiring some additional Add-ons to work.

The premise is that by importing Shopping Lists into the Shopping tab, we can use Point Blank Sniper to snipe Auctions within that Shopping List that other players may post incorrectly.

What Do I Need?

Open up your favored Add-on client; mine is CurseForge. Search for the following Add-ons you don’t already own in the search box.

I’d advise downloading the following Add-ons from their respective sites.

Once downloaded, load up the game and log in on your preferred character.

Getting Started:

Head over to the nearest Auction House and tap that Goblin on the shoulder! The TSM window will pop up instantly, so hit the WoW UI tab in the top right to view the other tabs on the bottom. Select the Shopping tab.

If you select the Select Shopping List drop-down menu, you will see a default Shopping List called: Starter Sniper List added by the author of this Add-on. This shopping list consists of some profitable items which may be of interest to you. Ideally, you should edit this and make your own!

Shopping Lists:

Here’s a list of Shopping Lists I’ve created. Click the links below to be redirected to my Pastebin. I will continue to add shopping lists, so be sure to return to this post.

Importing A Shopping List:

If you have a shopping list already created or copied one of mine, open the Shopping tab on the Auction House. At the top right, you’ll see the option, Import. Hit this, paste all the information you copied, and select import.

Reminder, make sure you give your new Shopping List an accessible name, and be aware of any capitals, as the shopping list name will need to match precisely when starting a Sniper search.


If you open the Sniping tab, you’ll see several options.

Shopping List Name:

This tab is case sensitive, be sure to enter the name of your Shopping List precisely as it is within the Shopping List tab. Once correctly added, hit the Start button. If the button is non-responsive, there’s an error with the name added. Resolve and try again.

Price Source:

You will have five price sources if you downloaded and installed both TSM and TUJ Add-on.

  • Region – TUJ
  • Realm – TUJ
  • DBMarket – TSM
  • DBRegionMarketAvg – TSM
  • DBRegionSaleAvg – TSM

Ideally, you need to opt for the price source you use when selling the item(s) you’re sniping. This method will prevent you from buying items higher than you wish to sell them.


The percentage you input here will inform the Add-on to search for any item within your Shopping List, and if it’s either equal to or less than the percentage in this box, it will show up. The default is 15%; feel free to change this.

Example: I’ve picked DBMarket as my price source and kept the percentage at 15%. [The Reins of the Tamed Bloodfeaster] is about 100k gold on my realm. If someone posts it for 15k or below, it will pop up on the Add-on for me to purchase.

Items Class:

Use this tab to filter items within your Shopping List.


Select the Options tab to change the options within the Add-on. I leave this as default. Reminder, make sure that under the heading, Scan Behaviour, the Play Beep Tone is selected. This beep will alert you of any items available to purchase when running a Sniper scan. Ideally, for players that run sniper scans on an alt account in the background.

TSM Sniper vs. Point Blank Sniper:

If you’re familiar with TSM Sniper, you’ll know that depending on the number of items within the sniper group; it can take a lot of time to scan the Auction House.

However, with Point Blank Sniper, we can separate our Shopping Lists and snipe specific items, meaning a quick scan.


If you have any questions or experience issues, check out the Add-ons Discord channel.


I don’t snipe myself, but I know a lot of players that do. My fortnightly posting routine means I barely have time to post my auctions, let alone run sniper scans. I can see this Add-on being very good and easily accessible to players that may not be accustomed to TSM.

If you have the time and resources, I suggest investing in an alt account and having the Point Blank Sniper Add-on running in the background.


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. If you found this post helpful and believe it could be of use to someone else, please consider liking and sharing.

Legion BoE’s

If you were a playing during Warlords of Draenor, LegionLogo_lessglow
you will be familiar with the crafted levelling gear you could equip at level 91 which boosted your ilevel and stats, these boosted your ability to kill mobs and speed up your levelling or assisted you in gaining entry to ilevel restricted dungeons etc. Sadly these were unique equipped items, meaning there was a restriction of 3 items which you could equip at any given time.

Thankfully this time around in Legion, the restrictions have been removed, but the BoE items are no longer crafted, but are available from random drops. The items of interest, will be the items that are available to level 101 characters and have an ilevel of 835 and above. These cost a very pretty penny as they will be of interest to mains (Mythics/Raiding), alts (levelling) and the new twink bracket (PvP) for Legion.

When I levelled my main, I was very fortunate to loot and sell Fran’s Intractable Loop ilevel 850, which I was able to sell for 100k (90k after AH cut). The ring was of no interest to me as I already had a better ring stat wise equipped, but with that said, the 90k helped me buy materials to assist me power levelling my professions etc.


Now I wouldn’t recommend farming these items, due to how low the drop rate is, and sadly, there’s no way you can guarantee getting the item you want, as it’s completely random! So the best scenario we have, is using the gold we’ve successfully built and invest it in cheap Legion BoE’s posted onto the Auction House.

If you use TSM, you can use this string to shop. Simply copy and paste the string below in your search box and hit enter.


What this will do, is search the Auction House and narrow down, all the items that are available to a character at level 101, then will narrow the search down further, by showing all the items that have an ilevel of 835 and above. All these items will be within the armor category too. Remember to save and rename the search, so you can search for BoE’s on a regular basis!

Once your search is complete, hit the ilevel column header to put all the items in order of their ilevel. This will make it far more easier to differentiate between each ilevel and prevent miss-clicking and over purchasing items of a lower ilevel. You can limit this further, by adding another /i835 within the above string and this will just show ilevel 835 items. Simply change it to i850 if you wish to just search for ilvl 850 items.

I’ve been buying up a lot of cheap BoE’s off the Auction House to flip. Below is an example of the prices I’ve been buying at and the minimum I’ve been flipping for. This isn’t a guide for what you should buy and sell at, as each server/realm is different.


Some things to consider, always opt for items with good stats. for example, rings only have Stamina so check for good secondary stats and a bonus stat, this could boost value for your item. Also have consideration for items with Prismatic sockets, these give players the option to add a gem to the item, these will also increase value to the item.

Although this has been very profitable for me, it doesn’t guarantee to be profitable for everyone. The way servers/realms are, each one is different in every way, it’s exactly the same with Transmog etc. The higher populated your realm is, the more items available to you, competition will be high, with a lot of customers to sell to. Lower populated realms, have less items available, but bring low competition and lesser customers at your disposal. Always check your Auction House and The Undermine Journal to see how your server/realm is doing.

If you have alts, like myself, this method CAN be seen as risk free. Any items I don’t sell, will easily be used for my alts. If this is the case for you too, then you too can feel at ease that you know that the items wont go to waste.

Here’s some screenshots of some flips I’ve made…

Feel free to post in the comments below and share your success’s or if you have any questions, please ask away! Alternatively, tweet me on Twitter @GrahransWoWGold
Thanks for reading guys and I wish you all the best of luck!