Draenic Philosopher’s Stone Shuffle

Welcome to my Draenic Philosopher’s Stone shuffle guide. Here I will try and advise you on how to make some guarenteed profit by following this easy step by step guide. A profession shuffle is crafting an item, to maximise materials from either disenchanting, prospecting it or by selling the craft to a vendor for a profit.

Let’s get started!

Item: Draenic Philosopher’s Stone

First off, make sure you have the ability to craft this item. If not, you can simply purchase the recipe from Albert de Hyde or Joshua Alvarez (Horde) or Katherine Joplin or Mary Kearie (Alliance) for one  Secrets of Draenor Alchemy. You can craft one of these once per day, via your profession.

 Alchemical Catalyst x5
 True Iron Ore x1

You can either craft these items yourself, or simply purchase them from the Auction House. Remember, when purchasing materials from the Auction House, the price you pay for each item, will reflect on your prfoit at the end of the shuffle, so always bear that in mind.

The  Draenic Philosopher’s Stone sells for 25g 31s 47c each and there’s no crafting limit. As long as the mats cost for example 20g in total, we set to make just over 5g in profit. So you’re probably thinking, is that it, 5g! Well… imagine buying enough mats to craft 1000x Draenic Philosopher’s Stone, like I currently have in my inventory. Now that 5g doesn’t look too bad now, does it? as this would total 5.000g once crafted and sold to a vendor.

There are many other profession shuffles in Jewelcrafting, Enchanting and Tailoring, simply find the one that makes the most profit for you. Check out my future guides for tips and tricks.

Thanks for reading!