Peelyon’s Updated Squirt Power Leveling Strategy

If you’re not following Peelyon on Twitter already, why not?! If you’ve got any aspirations in power leveling your Battle Pets from level 1-25 in the quickest and efficient time possible, then you need to be following Peelyon and be updated with the best battle pet guides and strategies out there. If you’re on EU like ourselves, you will know that today (29.02.16) is the Squirt Menagerie daily from your Garrison Menagerie. Squirt is available to you, for one day, every 15 days, so it’s imperitive that you take advantage of this.

If you’ve seen my previous post regarding Peelyon’s previous strategy with the Worg Pup and Blighthawk, you’ll know it relied heavilly on RNG, meaning, if you experienced a miss etc, it was very likely, that you’d have to forfeit and try again. However, this new strategy he’s created is simplified further and is now a guarenteed 100% win! He now uses two different rare pets, Enchanted Broom and Weebomination.

Anyway, enough from me, check Peelyon’s video out below and please do check out his YouTube, Twitter and Facebook Page, to leave your appreciation!

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