No More Limited Items from a Vendor…

A cracking little tip for you today. Ever got disappointed, when you find out that an item you need, can be purchased from a vendor, only to realise it’s a limited stock item and already been purchased by someone. Normally a limited stock item has a 12 hour reset, but luckily for you, I have managed to find an alternative. With the joy of cross realm, we have the chance to bounce across realms, thus meaning, our chance of obtaining our item sooner, is incredibly higher.

What you’ll need to do, to make this option achievable, is click on the link for this addon, Cross Realm Assist. This addon can be downloaded from Simply shut down World of Warcraft (WoW) if your currently playing, go to Curse, download the addon and install it to your WoW directory. Once completed, re-log back into WoW and viola.

Once logged in, check for the Cross Realm Assist icon on your mini map, open it up and opt for Quick Join. This will let you join a group in Premade Groups that has auto accept enabled. Once you’re in the group, you’ll notice you’ve changed realm too. Keep leaving and joining new realms until the vendor you’re at, has the item you require. Make sure you close the vendor tab upon leaving group, or when you join another realm, the vendor tab wont refresh.

The Manual Join option to find a realm is a good option too and easy to understand. I try to concentrate on joining Kazzak groups that have a lot of people in, so you don’t get noticed easily, for realm hoping. Many people in the game dis-like realm hoppers, but that’s their issue for having auto accept enabled.

Good luck and if you have any questions or alternative ideas, be sure to post them below. Thanks for reading!

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