New Weekly & Monthly Sales Reviews Starting Next Week 30/10/17

As of the 30/10/17 I will be transferring my Weekly and Monthly sales reviews from Twitter on to my blog here. It’s clear that there’s been a downturn in traffic and interest in these posts in the last 2 weeks. I can only imagine that the amount of posts posted, with limited information has become somewhat tedious to my readers. Sadly Twitter restricts you to how much you can input into these tweets, thus starving readers of information etc.

With that said, I will post a weekly blog hopefully on the following Monday, looking at reviewing the previous weeks sales. This will be condensed into one post instead of the 16+ on Twitter! I will then add something in the same context at the end of the each Month, highlighting the best sales and my current gold balance to date! If this interests you, then be sure to click on the Follow tab on the right hand side, for updates on my next blog post. If this turns out successful and people prefer this method, I may add something further, showing my purchases and what I’m investing in for the future.

If you have any suggestions even critical comments, please do offer any feedback below. I’m making an effort to try and share what I’m doing and hopefully others can copy and make a lot of gold too. WoWTokens are at almost 300k on E.U so I’m sure those willing to invest in in-game gold, to pay for their game-time, could do with as many tips as they can get.

Until Monday… thank you for reading!

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