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Good afternoon guys, as you’ll likely know by now, I have recently transferred realms, from a medium/low populated server to a very high populated server. As I look to get comfortable with my new server and it’s auction house, I find myself appreciating a lot more markets. Low populated servers are difficult to work within, due to the amount of customers at your disposal making it difficult to compete with other goblins. Obviously, a higher populated server offers a greater amount of customers, meaning that there’s a lot more people to cater for. Yes, other Goblins will still be competing with you for that sale, but the demand for items is that high, that everyone can get a stake of the profits available.

In the past, Ive unsuccessfuly tried to get into markets that I felt would be very profitable, but due to the lack of players, it just hasnt worked out. Now I’m on a busy server, I’m finding myself getting back into these markets and making some very nice profit. It’s important to remember what sort of server you’re on too. I have left a PvE server and have joined a PvP server, meaning that the opportunities are a lot more greater to me. PvP servers, offer a lot more players that enjoy PvP and are casual raiders, whereas PvE normally cater for Raiding and some casual PvPers, however, Ive been very fortunate to find a server that caters for alot of PvP players and alot of very good Raiding Guilds.

The main market Ive found appealing so far, is dealing in recipes. Ive been fortunate to come across some cheap rare recipes that are no longer available and made some great profit. But most of my dealings are flipping recipes and selling at a higher price. In the near future, I plan to start farming old content again, with the aim of picking up recipes of my own and selling them for greater profit margins.

Something you may find appealing, is the incentive of selling recipes and items from a vendor onto the auction house. I used to do this back in WotLK when I first started out in World of Warcraft. I used to make my fellow Guildies laugh, when I’d explain to them, that I’d casually stroll into the vendor, beside the auction house in Orgrimmar (before the changes in Cataclysm), buy up a lot of Flagon of Dwarven Mead, Ice Cold Milk, you name it, if it was common, I bought it. Buying something that costs 10s and reselling for anywhere above 100g was always going to get me a lot of attention. Sadly, before long, many of my Guildies were getting involved and reaping the rewards. You can still do this now, but until I moved realms, it wasnt very profitable, but… it is now!

I have a Recipe import list for TSM3 if you’re interested in getting into the recipe market too. I have seperated the groups into, Vendor, Non Vendor and Recipes Not Available Any Longer. It’s down to you to calculate the prices though, as prices vary from realm to realm. Alway remember The Undermine Journal is a fantastic source of information. I always use it as a guide and find a fair price for the time I invest and to what value I perceive the item to be.

There are a lot more markets I’ve found myself dealing in and sure there will be more in the future. If you’re looking for new markets too, trial and error is your friend. Sooner or later you will find one, like I have and will reap the rewards. Always worth remembering, that not everything is posted on the auction house, so there’s always gaps in the market.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it’s given you something to consider. Good luck!

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