My Experience Of Shadowlands So Far!

Shadowlands - So far, so good!

Shadowlands so far, so good!

Hey guys, apologies for being quiet since the release of Shadowlands, but I’ve been engrossed in the new expansion. I have to say I’ve loved my time in-game with Shadowlands. Just look at that image above; the zone of Revendreth is absolutely breathtaking, as do the other zones within Shadowlands!

I don’t want to jinx it (considering my first impressions of Legion and Battle for Azeroth were good, too), but I feel Blizzard has done exceptionally well with Shadowlands. The new leveling system for alts, the music, World Quests – whether your level 60 or below, and the fun in Torghast are just a few of the things that have impressed me so far.

I’ve not been posting many gold-making posts as I’ve not done much outside of leveling my main character, maxing my professions, and posting my standard auctions (‘standard‘ as in my usual auctions before Shadowlands). 

There is nothing to write home about just yet, as everyone seems to be content with the new content.

Memory of the Soulforge Embers:

One piece of good news was finally looting my best in slot Legendary Power [Memory of the Soulforge Embers]; God only knows how many times I had to run Mists of Tirna Scithe for it.

Thankfully, Blizzard removed the daily cooldown on Shadowlands Heroic dungeons, which meant I could spam queue until it dropped. Given some of the rumors of nerfs incoming to Marksman Hunters, I’m grateful that this power is excellent for all specs, giving me the freedom to change my spec if needed.

If you’re farming Dungeons for your Legendary Power, be sure to queue for both Normal and Heroic, I found it cut my queue times down significantly as DPS.


Even though I’ve not done too much Shadowlands gold-making, what I have done is notice what others in the community have done, and it’s nothing short of amazing. Funnily enough, it’s the usual suspects! If you’re not following them already, I urge you to check them out today.


Hikons just updated his Twitter that he’s just hit gold cap, purely from selling items from Shadowlands, mainly Inscription – Darkmoon Cards. He was a ‘machine’ when Battle for Azeroth was released, but I feel he’s gone one better here! 

He’s also just got started within the Legendary market.

[Twitter] [Youtube] [Twitch] [Patreon]


I’ve only been following Kubba since 8.3 was released and his insane flipping of materials and crafts in Battle for Azeroth. In Shadowlands, it would appear that it’s service as usual. Check out his screenshots of players buying up his Orbereal Shards – Yes, the vendor items *evil laugh*

These two have been phenomenal this expansion and will undoubtedly prosper as Shadowlands progresses. Check them out and see what they do that you can incorporate into your gold-making routines.



I’ve previously written about TheLazyGoldmaker regarding his written TSMaddon guides and gold-making routines. However, recently, he’s been making a lot of gold within the legendary market.

During Shadowlands Beta, he also put a lot of time and effort into milling herbs and sharing his data. This data went a long way into his profitable Darkmoon Card production, and no doubt, for others as well.

Not only does TheLazyGoldmaker blog, but he also streams live on Twitch; check him out!

[Twitter] [Blog] [Twitch] [Patreon]

I’m sure there are other great gold-makers out there making bank that I’ve missed. Please share them in the comment section below, and raise awareness for them!

TSM String for Shadowlands:

As I did during the final patch of Battle for Azeroth, I’ve created a helpful TSM string with a lot of the items introduced in Shadowlands. I will do my utmost to keep this updated.

Please may I take this opportunity to remind you that with the update to TSMaddon, it’s never been easier to import data drag and drop groups/subgroups to your liking.

If you wish to import my string (feel free to amend it how you want to), check out my TSM Import String added below. Please do credit me if you plan to share it, as it took me some time during Shadowlands Beta to collect and arrange this data.

Shadowlands TSM Import String

Before I go!

Anyway, I have to get back to the grind, this time completing the dreaded PvP weekly of earning 1500 Honor Points from Epic Battlegrounds. Why, oh why did it have to be Epic Battlegrounds, sigh!

What are your impressions of Shadowlands so far? How have the gold-making Gods treated you? and more importantly, what has been your most significant success (or failure) so far? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading, and happy gold-making!

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