Ilvl 397 BoE Wrists and Boots Transmog

I’ll be honest, but I’ve kind of stumbled upon this today, but it’s definitely worth sharing just in case some of you have missed this too.

There are two vendors, one in Orgrimmar called Jamus’Vas and one in Stormwind called Faldren Tillsdale. They sell the old Valor ilvl 397 items, which are available for gold.  The items we’re interested in are the BoE (Bind on Equip) Wrists and Boots. These items vary from as little as 140g to 220g each (depending on your reputation) and the returns when sold on the auction house are excellent.

Now it’s important, that when you visit either of these vendors, and interact with them, that you use the drop down menu and select available to all and BoE. This will show everything available to all classes not just yours! Showing BoE (Bind on Equip) will eliminate items also available for BoP (Bind on Pickup). If you dont follow this, be very careful you dont accidently purchase something that is BoP. You will not be able to resell anything BoP. Ive made this error many times in the past with vendor recipes, something I learnt very quickly.

I’d suggest checking out TuJ (The Undermine Journal) too and check what prices these go for on your auction house. Once you’re happy with any of the items, buy one of each and post to the auction house.


Rooftop Griptoes

Bought: 450g
Sold: 5299g

ilvl 397 boots - transmog

As I always say, the Transmog market is a very volatile and competitive market, you may make a sale within hours, days or even months, but the Transmog market is one of patience, to reap the full return on investment.

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