I Don’t Normally Do Random HC Dungeons, But…

I don’t normally do random HC dungeons, but… Savage satchel of cooperation
on this one occasion of mis-clicking the join que button and noticing that DPS was in high demand, I kept myself in the que. However, this was mainly down to one fact, it was merely the chance to earn a Savage Satchel of Cooperation. Normally these are only available to Healers and tanks, due to the high demand for them, but I was shocked to see DPS were also needed, so I happily obliged…lol.

As you may know, I’m keen to level all my alts to 100 as quick as possible. The downside to this is, that they’re all inadequately geared and wouldn’t even get into a MoP Heroic Dungeon (Sarcasm alert) let alone WoD Heroic Dungeon. Most are geared with Heirlooms and a couple of quest items, but the fact that there’s so much BoA Baleful gear, Empowered Apexis Fragment and most importantly, the chance to get a Medallion of the Legion in this Satchel, it would be madness not to take advantage of this opportunity.

I’m not sure how long this is will last for, but if you’re in the same predicament as myself, I urge you to take advantage aswell. 12 level 100 alts and another 2 on the horizon, these satchels could be a blessing in disguise…lol.

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