Fortnightly Sales Report (17th June to 1st July)

Fortnightly Sales Report

Fortnightly Sales Report (2nd June – 16th June):

Welcome to my fortnightly Sales Report from the 17th June to 1st July. If this is the first report you’re reading, I hope you can find some value from it, maybe entice you into a new market for gold-making.

I didn’t write this report to boast; it’s more of an opportunity to prove that if I can do it, you can too! Check out what I’ve been selling and incorporate it into your posting routines.

To explain why I only do my reports over a fortnightly time frame, read this post.

TSM Ledger:

If you’re unaware of the TSM Ledger, it is a great tool available from the TSM website. The Ledger collects your purchase and sales data from the app and gives you the freedom to build reports.

If you’ve not used TSM Ledger yet, and you use the TSM app, give the Ledger a try; you can find out some fascinating information about your gold-making.

The Sales Report:

For the third fortnight running [Medallion of the Legion] was top of the sales report. This fortnight, I made 4.05m gold worth of purchases and earned 7.7m gold in sales, which resulted in a profit of 3.7m gold

I managed to sell 188 [Medallion of the Legion] for a total of 889k5 [Reins of the Tamed Bloodfeaster] for 432k6,801 [Darkmoon Daggermaw] for 267k, and another recipe, [Plans: Masterwork Stormhammer], for 237k. A notable mention is the [Blade of Wizardry] that I sold for 177k.

Overall, it’s been another incredible fortnight’s worth of sales, not bad, considering I couldn’t post all my auctions as I went away on 28th June (as shown in the graph below).

Fortnightly Sales Report via TSMAddon

Selected Sales:

Below is a selection of sales from the markets I operate within. If there’s a market that interests you, click on the links added to view my guides.

Battle Pets:

Battle Pet Sales

Island Expedition Transmog:

Island Expedition Transmog Sales

Legion BoEs:

Legion BoE Sales


Recipe Sales

Replica Transmog:

Replica Transmog Sales


Mount Sales


Transmog Sales

Crafted Uncanny & Gladiator Transmog:

Crafted Uncanny & Gladiator Sales

Selection of Other Sales:

Selection of other sales

You can find guides regarding the items within the screenshot above below!


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Thanks for reading.

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