Fortnightly Gold-Making Sales Report 05.05.21

Fortnightly Gold-Making Sales

Today’s blog post reviews the gold-making sales for the fortnight ending 3rd May. The eagle-eyed readers amongst you will automatically notice a discrepancy in the dates. The discrepancy is because I’ve decided to include the data from 14th April to 3rd May in a bid to get back up to date on my fortnightly sales reports.

Reason for the delay:

I’ve taken the difficult decision to reduce the number of accounts I have active, from eight to five accounts. My decision was based on the increasing valuation of the European WoW Token (233,829g), the inability to multi-box as I did before Blizzard’s multi-boxing policy changes, and Blizzard’s recent purchase changes for game time, from 30 days to 60 days

In addition, with the three accounts having 20 days left on their game time, I needed to act quickly to get the gold, guilds, and level 50 players transferred to other accounts and prevent the need to purchase 60 day game time. 

These transfers took precedence over my gold-making, and the posting times that generally take two weeks to complete increased to more than three weeks. Today these transfers have been completed, and I can finally post today’s fortnightly sales review. Again, I apologize for the delays.

Purchased WoW Tokens:

The WoW Tokens purchased to complete these transfers are not included in the sales reports, as the TSM Ledger doesn’t track these purchases. So my outgoings for this fortnightly review are significantly higher than shown in the image below via the TSM Ledger. I thought I’d make that clear in a bid to offer complete transparency.

Fortnightly Review (14th April – 3rd May)

Although the dates shown are greater than two weeks, rest assured, these sales are based on one fortnightly reset as explained here.

I earned 4,446m in sales and spent 6,696m meaning I recorded a loss of 2,249m. As explained above, with characters transferring to new accounts, I invested heavily to help alleviate these WoW Token costs in the future. Simply put, by checking The Undermine Journal (TuJ) and comparing items between my current realm to my destination realm, and purchasing items that are profitable, I stand to make the cost of my WoW Tokens back at a later date!

TSM Ledger Sales Report for 05.05.21

I managed to sell 67 Medallion of the Legion for a total of 314k gold, and there was a massive spike in Nomi Snacks sold; I sold 185 for 211k gold. The sale(s) of the fortnight went to two items, the Hard Khorium Battlefists, which sold for 193k gold (a reminder of the gold you can make from crafting), and the recipe Enchant Gloves – Fishing for 172k gold.

For a comprehensive review of the items I sold, check out the next portion of this blog post titled My Sales.

My Sales:

Island Expedition Transmog:

A few high ticket items sold this fortnight. Notably another Stinkrot Smasher, a Plundered Flamecaster Stave, and a Plundered Petrified Tree.

Island Expedition Transmog sales 05.05.21

Legion BoEs:

A good fortnight of sales on the Legion BoEs front. I even managed to sell two relics (Law of Strength & Ettin Bone Fragment) and an Athrog’s Dethhamma.

Legion BoE sales

Crafted Uncanny & Dreadful Gear:

Another poor showing with the Uncanny crafts. As pointed out in my previous fortnightly review, if sales didn’t improve, this may be a result of a competitor. Extremely likely that I may need to adjust my settings.

Uncanny Craft sales


I made some decent Recipe sales, but it’s difficult to look past the Enchant Gloves – Fishing sale. 172k is an excellent return!

Sold Recipes within World of Warcraft

Replica Transmog:

I didn’t do too well this fortnight, this could be a result of increased competition in this market. I will see if there’s any improvement in the next fortnightly sales report, before taking any action. However, three sales for 210k+ is a great return on investment!

Replica Transmog sales

Battle Pets:

This fortnight saw another impressive return on Battle Pet sales. This is a great market to be involved in. Battle Pets are extremely versatile, if they don’t sell on one realm, cage them and move them to another realm.

World of Warcraft Battle Pet Sales

Selected Sales:

Some cracking sales this month. As mentioned already, Nomi Snacks did well, sold some more mounts, and there appears to be no letup on the Medallion of the Legion sales. Without a doubt, the sale of the Hard Khorium Battlefists for 193k was the highlight. A further reminder, not to neglect your professions, there’s gold to be made!

A selection of my best sales for this fortnight


It’s been a very busy fortnight, it took almost 3 weeks to complete my Auction House posting, and it’s great to see I still made a decent return. Yes, I made a loss, but I made some great investments, which means I will make a profit in the long run.

I love to continuously reinvest my gold, after all, there’s no point in it sitting there doing nothing, it’s not like it gains interest sitting in the bank! If you’re looking for ideas on where to invest your gold, look at my sales above, check The Undermine Journal and see what you can incorporate from my results and guides, and implement them into your own routines.

I can’t stress this enough; if you have more time than me, to post, cancel, and repost your auctions, you have a greater chance of being as successful as me. My limitations prevent me from posting more frequently, but this gives others the opportunity to make sales too. So do what I do, and make the most of your time in-game!

Reactions and Feedback:

If you enjoyed this post please consider liking it. If you have any constructive feedback, feel free to comment below. Alternatively, if you feel my blog will be of benefit to someone, please do consider sharing. I’ve added social media options below to help share. Please also know that you can contact me if you find any issue within this post or any other content I’ve created and I’ll look into it immediately.

Good luck, and as always, have fun!


Thank you to Wowhead for their Item IDs (which I use to link items I post within my blog) and to World of Warcraft for their articles on their policy changes. If there are any issues regarding this post, please contact me immediately.

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