Flawless Battle-Stone

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Flawless Battle-Stone:

If you’re an avid Battle Pet player within World of Warcraft, you’ll be familiar with the Flawless Battle-Stone. Due to these stones being Bind on Equip, they’ve proven to be a valuable commodity to flip at the Auction House. I’ve recently shown my readers that you can make substantial profit margins from flipping Flawless Battle-Stones.

What Does The Flawless Battle-Stone Do?

The Flawless Battle-Stone increases a Battle Pets rarity from a Poor, Common, or Uncommon quality to Rare quality. In most circumstances, this upgrade to your Battle Pet can increase the Battle Pets value when caged and sold on the Auction House.

How To Obtain a Flawless Battle-Stone?

The Flawless Battle-Stones have a chance to drop within caches and the Pet Care Package from the World Event: Children’s Week. I obtained a Battle-Stone from a Pet Care Package and successfully sold it at the Auction House.

According to a comment on Wowhead, someone looted a Flawless Battle-Stone from completing a Revendreth Emissary, so keep your eyes peeled!

Flipping Flawless Battle-Stones:

The most I’ll spend is 5,000 gold for a Flawless Battle-Stone; this equates to 50% of what I value the Battle-Stone, as the minimum I post them at is 10,000g. However, as I’ve shown recently, I’ve been selling these consistently for upwards of 20-25,000g each!

Flawless Battle-Stone Sales

The Marked Flawless Battle-Stone:

The Marked Flawless Battle-Stone is the Bind on Account version of the Flawless Battle-Stone and is obtained from completing a specific Battle Pet World Quest (an example shown below) or purchased via a Battle Pet Master!

Once you’ve completed the World Quest on your main character, be sure to complete it on your alts too!

Reminder, The Marked Flawless Battle-Stone cannot be sold on the Auction House, but you can mail it to one of your alts!

Marked Flawless Battle-Stone Quest

Previous Content:

When looking for World Quests that reward Marked Flawless Battle-Stones, be aware that you can find these in previous expansions; Legion and Battle for Azeroth too!

With the Add-on: World Quest Tracker, you can see at a glance when these World Quests are available by simply opening the in-game map for the Broken Isles, Zandalar, Kul Tiras, and Shadowlands zones.

Purchasing Marked Flawless Battle-Stones:

If you have 15 Polished Pet Charms, you can visit one of the Battle Pet Masters scattered around Azeroth and purchase a Marked Flawless Battle-Stone. Alternatively, you can trade in three family-specific upgrade tokens for a Marked Flawless Battle-Stone instead.


If you’re reading this blog post and interested in obtaining Flawless Battle-Stones to upgrade your own Battle Pets, don’t buy them from the Auction House. Instead, as I’ve mentioned above, look to complete the World Quests and obtain the Marked Flawless Battle-stones!

If you’re considering flipping these, I suggest not purchasing them any higher than 5,000 gold each! As I’ve mentioned, I invest 50% of what I feel I can sell the item for, in this case, the minimum being 10,000 gold.

Please only invest in the gold you can afford to lose.


Why anyone buys Flawless Battle-Stones for 20-25,000 gold from the Auction House is beyond me. However, if players are willing to buy them and the market is still feasible, I will continue to flip them.

But as I’ve highlighted in this blog, yes, you can make huge profits, but if you want to upgrade your Battle Pets, check the map in-game for specific World Quests or visit a Battle Pet Master for Marked Flawless Battle-Stones; this is by far the best/cheapest result.


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