Dragonflight Launch Date

Dragonflight Launch Date

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Dragonflight Launch Date

For those who have been quietly continuing their chores within World of Warcraft, it may not be surprising to hear that Blizzard has revealed the Dragonflight Launch date. However, for those experiencing other games (Classic: Wrath) or just taking a break, Blizzard has announced that Dragonflight will release on 28.11.2022.

Continue reading to learn how to participate in Beta testing.

Dragonflight Beta Testing:

If the wait is unbearable, make sure you have opted in for the Beta Opt-In. If you’re unsure, visit the Dragonflight homepage and log in; scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the opt-in box.

Completing this will inform Blizzard that you’re willing to help test Dragonflight, and you’ll get an invite in due course.

I’ve Got Beta Access for Dragonflight – What Now?

To get started, open your Battle.net launcher. You should immediately notice that the Download Manager has begun downloading Dragonflight data. Be patient while this completes.

Unsure where the Download Manager is, check the top right-hand corner of the Battle.net App; you should see the icon beside the Bell and your Profile name.

Alternatively, check the game version & account in the bottom left of the app and select the Dragonflight Beta from the in-development section; this too will start the download process.

There may be a point where the game is accessible after a certain amount of the expansion has been downloaded, be cautious, as the game may still download in the background, which could impact your experience.

Dragonflight Beta Keys:

If you don’t have access to Beta just yet, keep your eyes peeled, as Blizzard is actively inviting players – check your account to see if you’re a lucky recipient of a Beta key.

Content Creators Dragonflight Beta Key Giveaways:

If you’re still struggling to obtain a Beta key, check out your favorite World of Warcraft content creators’ on Twitch, YouTube, or social media accounts. This is how Blizzard usually hands out Beta Keys for them to give away. If you’re already a regular viewer, this will be no loss for you and everything to gain.

Add-Ons within Beta?

If you’ve been testing Dragonflight throughout Alpha testing, you’ll be pleased to know that Add-Ons are now accessible within Beta. Be warned; these will continuously develop until the new expansion’s release – so if you experience any issues, inform the Add-On developer.

Reminder, if you need add-ons, check out Curse-forge.

Curse Forge Add-Ons for World of Warcraft

Remember, it’s a Beta!

Remember, the expansion is in Beta; there will be bugs and potential issues. Besides enjoying and taking advantage of early access, your job is to test the game and help iron out any problems. If you come across anything, report it with as much information as possible.

Last but Not Least:

Enjoy the experience and the opportunity. From my experience, testing the game, finding issues, and reporting it will show Blizzard that you’re a valued Alpha/Beta tester. Valued testers can get earlier invites to expansion testing phases in the future.

I had an instant Beta invite for Shadowlands (which I couldn’t partake in) following my testing during Legion. Thankfully, I opted out of Dragonflight, which meant I didn’t waste a Beta Key that someone else could’ve used.


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