Current Gold Balance

Current Gold Balance.

Current Gold Balance:

Here’s my current gold balance. This is the total liquid gold balance across all my realms and accounts. If you’re not already aware, I only repost expired auctions once every two weeks due to time constraints and commitments at home.

If you’d like a detailed explanation, please read this post: My Posting Routine.

This balance will be updated regularly for those interested!

Total Balance: 111.655.949g

Date: 27.01.2022

Total Gold On All Accounts


I’ve added a chart below to highlight my substantial increase in my gold balance for the last 12-months. This data was collected via my personal spreadsheet that I use to save balances on each realm upon completing my posting routine.

Starting Balance: 20,196,921 gold. (31.12.2020)
Latest Balance: 96,464,344 gold. (20.12.2021)

12-month graph

Markets I Operate In!

For those wondering what markets I operate in, (to increase my gold-making potential) check the list I’ve added below.

Material flipping
Material Shuffles
Battle Pets
Legion BoEs
Island Expedition Transmog
Crafted Transmog
Replica Transmog
World Events


Any feedback is greatly received; please use the comment section below. If you need to contact me, use the contact me method. If you found this post helpful and believe it could be of use to someone else, please consider liking and sharing.

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