Content Creators

Here’s a list of content creators, IRL streamers from Twitch, Youtube and Twitter, that I enjoy watching or interacting with on social media. I’ve added links to their channels and social media platforms, for ease of use.

If you’ve been added to this list, and want to be removed or information amended, please do contact me and I will remove/amend it immediately. This list is intended to promote you.


Asmongold – “It’s ya’ boy!” Doesn’t do many gold-making guides these days, but does provide plenty of World of Warcraft content. Currently providing Shadowlands Alpha and BETA content. Outside of Shadowlands testing, he does a lot of raiding, mount collecting, and whoring achievements. Youtube Twitter

UmrenTV – A very dramatic streamer and puts his heart into his streams. He has some great gold-making guides and an absolute wizard with MSpaint when explaining himself regarding TSM sources. I’ve heard on the grapevine that he’s also a dab-hand at the Saxophone. BroFist! Youtube Twitter

KelaniTV – Provides class guides and news within World of Warcraft. Youtube

WTBGold – Don’t be confused by the name, he’s not buying. If you’ve checked Youtube for gold-making guides in the past, there’s a very good chance you’ve already come across ryanaeckles. A prominent figure within the gold-making community offering loads of content to help others increase their gold-making potential. Youtube Twitter

SamadanPlaysWoW – Has some of the best Tradeskillmaster guides and streams a lot of gold-making content. He will happily walk you through issues answer questions when asked in stream. Very interactive with his chat. Youtube Twitter

GumdropsTSM – Streams gold-making content and Q&A’s regarding TSM. He’s also the support & community manager at Tradeskillmaster and also a moderator at WoWEconomy. Very interactive with chat and will walk you through any issues you have on stream. Twitter

PechTheFarmer – A multi-box streamer. He does a lot of farming and giveaways in his chat. Twitter

Xionik&Sheyrah – She is undoubtedly the most crucial person in the gold-making community. She has given so much to us all with her TSM profile over the years. I think she’s taken a break, but hopefully she returns soon. It’s fair to say; everyone has some aspect of her profile in their profile! Twitter

Hikons – How this guy hasn’t got more subscribers/followers is beyond me. An incredible gold-maker, with an abundance of experience. He plays on multiple servers and has 360m gold! Youtube Twitter

BregVids – I found BregVids scouring Youtube for things to watch and this channel was recommended to me, I think it was something to do with levelling Guild Banks to level 25. Post release of Cataclysm, level 25 Guild Banks were in high demand (especially ones with 8 tabs) when I was more purchasing them, instead of levelling them. BregVids, has some excellent Gold-Making guides with Professions, Gold Cap challenges, TSM Guides and much more. Check him out! Youtube Twitter

SwiftyThe master of the ‘One Shot’ Warrior macro. Was a prevalent streamer during Vanilla WoW but doing some great things on Twitch. Awesome streamer, with excellent giveaways (as I can confirm) and some quality IRL streams to boot (especially if you like visits to Universal, Florida) Facebook Youtube Twitter

MagicuzThis guy has the largest TCG Mount and TCG Battle Pet inventory on E.U. possibly in WoW. He operates on many realms (possibly every realm) and has over 1 billion gold. The weekend prior to the release of Shadowlands Pre-patch, he did a 10x Longboi giveaway during his 10 hour charity stream. Well played Magicuz! Youtube Twitter Facebook

Meraki22Meraki enjoys playing Role play (RP) and gold-making in World of Warcraft and also has a blog Merakis Method, to help others begin their RP and gold-making journey. She also streams content from Sims 4. Twitter Facebook


Peelyon – Doesn’t play at the moment, but has some excellent Battle Pet guides. Check out his squirt guides if you’re in preparation of doing the special menagerie event. Twitter

BelluarGaming – Excellent videos regarding World of Warcraft news, guides, and much more. Twitter

Multiboxology – Creates Isboxer tutorial guides. A must watch if you’re considering multiboxing.

Arcane Intellect – I’ve only just discovered this creator myself, but what an excellent Youtube channel. If you’re in need of addons, and uncertain on which one is the right one for you, then check out Arcane Intellect. He has a wealth of videos explaining in great detail the pros and cons of our beloved addons within World of Warcraft!


JessiDee – Recently hit 100m gold and rising, shares her journey through Twitter. 

Kubba1977 – Someone I’ve only recently started seeing on my Twitter feed, but for a very good reason. Plays on multiple realms, and currently has a goal of reaching 100m on one server, he was currently on 79m when I last checked. Check him out, unbelievable amount of gold at his disposal!

Billy | Vahdis – Is an absolute machine when it comes to flipping Battle Pets. Another of the good guys on Twitter and the WoWeconomy sub reddit, that always interacts with other players to help reach their own gold-making goals.

Rosheen – Moderates in most gold-making Twitch streams. Arguably the best moderator EU. Occasionally tweets gold-making content.

BilisOnyxia – Without doubt the Godfather when it comes to creating custom TSM Price Sources. If you’re in need of a complete TSM Profile, be sure to check out his Tier 2 Patreon. Also has a Discord channel for Patreons that need help.

Honorable Mentions:


Sequisha – Occasionally plays World of Warcraft, but mostly plays Escape from Tarkov (EFT), Rust & DayZ. Loves meme’s and interacting with chat.

Smoke – Mainly plays DayZ and Escape from Tarkov. An excellent streamer, with a chill outlook to gaming. He also used to play CS:GO competitively. Check out his ‘Battle Buddies‘ videos on Youtube, where he joins up with random players.

Pestily – Another Escape from Tarkov streamer. Recently had huge success raising a lot of money (1.1m A$) for Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia.

Vader – aka Eugene: Prune Gang member within NoPixel‘s Grand Theft Auto V RP server. Don’t ask him if he uses a voice changer, eek!

Squirrel – He essentially streams games from the simulation category. It was thanks to Squirrel, that I purchased Cities Skylines. He currently streams Microsoft Flight Sim and Euro Truck sim.

mrsc0pezz – This is my lil’ Nephew, he’s just taken up streaming on Twitch. He mainly plays Fortnite.


ProducerMichael – If you enjoy seeing how the rich and famous live their lives, then check out ProducerMichael as he takes us around L.A (Beverley Hills, Rodeo Dr. etc) to view some of the largest mansions money can buy. If you love cars (Rolls Royce, Ferrari, etc) high-end watches and jewelry then this is something for you! “In it to win it!”
Cameraman: Adam Swords

Harald Baldr – Vlogger that records his travels around the World, sharing his wealth with those in need and even haggling, when there’s no need; you could say he’s a ‘progressive Vlogger‘ Evil grin!

Bald and Bankrupt – When I added Harald to this list, it’s impossible, not to add Bald too. Another great Vlogger that shares his journey around the World. They have some great collaborations together on Youtube when they travelled to India, U.S. and recently, Mexico!

ActionKid – Predominately travels around his home city, New York, he has a vast knowledge, and it practically feels like you’re on a tour! You can also find him venturing elsewhere, most notably when he recorded his recent visit to Taiwan. If you’re fascinated by the lure of “The City that never sleeps” be sure to check out ActionKid on Youtube


Gearsart – Has done some of the artwork for some of the biggest streamers on Twitch. Very chillout streamer, that has an incredible ability to draw. Often talks through his ideas, and offers viewers advice when approached in chat.

_Windex_ – My eldest daughter Isabella, who has just started her 2nd year in Art, Design & Media. She also designed my artwork for my blog and social media platforms. She has only just started creating her art digitally and slowly but surely is quickly adapting from paper to touch screen/stylus. Her main style is Anime, as you can see via her collection on Instagram. I’m hoping she promptly adds more of her work, as it’s amazing, and will no doubt show her journey! Twitter