Characters Missing After Realm Connection

Ever since the completion of the recent realm connections on EU, I immediately noticed that a character was missing and decided to check it out. It appears, that the character in question, had recently completed a character transfer 15 days prior and due to the recent connections the character is currently inaccessible. Although the character is showing up on his old realm, in it’s old Guild on the Armory, this is simply an error with it’s old data.

I finally got a response tonight regarding my support ticket informing me, that they’re getting the developers and engineers to look in to this immediately but no time frame has been given for when I can expect it to be resolved. The character itself had almost 1 million gold and almost 60 million gold worth of inventory, so you could understand my frustration and concern.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, this is very frustrating. Today’s blog post is merely a nudge in your direction in a bid to urge you to check all of your accounts and characters for any potential issues, especially if you’ve completed a character transfer on a realm that’s recently been connected.

If you’ve fallen victim too, I urge you to contact Support immediately, and offer them as much detail as possible. Don’t worry if you don’t have details to hand, they’ll have records.

As reminded to me today by @GumdropsEU on Twitter, if you access your account and the realm you play on isn’t showing any characters. Simply find your realm and enter and viola your characters should now be there. The character lists need updating after a realm connection. If they’re still not showing up, create a new character to refresh the list. If it still persists, then it’s likely you’re in the same boat as me, open a ticket for support.

Here’s hoping many of you weren’t effected, but rest reassured knowing that there’s people on-hand if you are.

Thanks for reading…

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