Blizzard Finally Restored My Character!

SofaKingWat finally restored after 6 months!

The Character Transfer:

Today, Blizzard finally restored my character SofaKingWat. Approximately six months ago, I purchased a character and account transfer. In the beginning, everything went smoothly; I managed to get over 1 million gold, a new Guild Bank (with two of my alts), and a massive inventory of items to sell.

Here’s the original post I made last year regarding the issue.

The Realm Connection:

Then came the problems. Blizzard performed a realm connection between one of the realms I transferred to, and my character became unavailable. After a few days, I realized that I couldn’t access my character and immediately contacted Blizzard. They informed me that there was an issue and that they’d need to pass my case to developers for investigation.

Hassling Support For Answers:

Every month, I’d open a new ticket to enquire whether they were any closer to resolving the issue. Sadly not. It got to the point where GMs informed me that potentially developers couldn’t restore the character, and I’d lose everything. There were no guarantees that I’d be refunded or compensated for any of the losses.

He’s Alive!

A month ago, after no more updates, I decided to deactivate the account associated with the character. I honestly gave up at this point. But, today, I was informed via email that Blizzard has restored my character and was once again accessible.

Not All Good News!

Sadly, I’ve lost the million gold, the Guild Bank, and the inventory I made on the new realm. Instead, Blizzard’s only option was to restore my character to its condition before the character transfer. They’ve reimbursed me for the paid character transfer; the items in my inventory (before the transfer) were restored, and the small amount of gold I could take.

Ideally, this isn’t the result I was hoping for, but it’s better than losing everything.

What To Do, If It Happens To You!

So I write this today hoping that if one of my readers is in the same predicament in the future, not to give up! Instead, collect information to help with your case. Then, when approached by Blizzard, give them all the information to help with their investigations.

The good thing about World of Warcraft and other high-performing games is the data that they save for backup purposes. So if there are any issues, mainly on Blizzard’s behalf, they can either revert any changes or as in my case, restore something to a restore point. A bit like System Restore in Windows 10.

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