Big Battle Bear Mount


The Big Battle Bear

Courtesy of Amazon Prime Gaming.

Big Battle Bear:

World of Warcraft and Amazon Prime Gaming have combined again to offer an excellent reward, the mount: Big Battle Bear. Continue reading to see how you can get your mount and news on future rewards!

The Big Battle Bear:

For those unaware, the Big Battle Bear is a mount from the Trading Card Game (TCG). Thanks to data from the Oribos Exchange, there are currently 10 of these on the E.U Region Auction House, commanding an average value of approximately 8.5m gold.

Today’s news will come as a blow to players selling the mount, as players that have Prime Gaming can acquire the mount for free.

The value of a Big Battle Bear

How Do I Claim The Mount?

Log in to Twitch; at the top of the page, you’ll see a crown labeled Prime Loot. Click the crown and scroll down until you find the Big Battle Bear reward.

You’ll be redirected to Prime Gaming; click on the tab Get in-game content. You may be asked to relog your credentials if you are not signed in.

Once you claim your reward, you will receive your mount in the Collections Tab in-game. I already had the Big Battle Bear, so I assume the mount will be in your collection as an Unopened Gift that you’ll need to unwrap!

Alternatively, check out this World of Warcraft post, which redirects you to claim your mount!

This promotion isn’t available for World of Warcraft: Classic.

I Don’t Have Prime Gaming:

You can sign up for a 30-day trial today if you don’t have Prime Gaming. Certain countries are exempt; check the list here if you’re unsure if you’re affected! Once you have Prime Gaming, click on Get in-game content or Claim Now and follow the instructions.

Is there a deadline?

Yes, there is a deadline. The mount is available until April 27th, 2023.

More Rewards are Coming!

Prime Gaming also revealed that they have more in-game World of Warcraft goodies coming each month in a year-long promotion. So, more incentive to sign up for Prime Gaming if you haven’t done so already!

Check out Prime Gaming’s tweet below.

Updates via Email:

On the claim page for the Big Battle Bear, you’ll notice a notification to sign up for Prime Gaming email updates. If you want updates on future rewards and don’t want to miss out, I suggest adding your email address to their email service.


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