BFA TSM4 Raw Material String

Whilst I had some spare time tonight, I’ve quickly collected some data from Wowhead, so I could create a TSM4 Raw Material string for Battle for Azeroth. If you’ve not created your own yet, please feel free to use mine. I’ve quickly scanned through and as of yet, I don’t see any issues, but if you see anything wrong, please do let me know!

Here’s what my BFA Raw Materials group looks like…

Be sure to backup your profile before importing, to prevent any importing issues. Once successfully imported, do a /reloadui to save your data. I can’t confirm if this works for TSM3 as I no longer use it.

Link to my Pastebin

I haven’t added any auctioning/shopping operations as the prices are very volatile once Battle for Azeroth begins. I’ve separated the materials, so you can easily assign each material it’s own operation. This is what I do as most of the materials I sell, have different values etc…

Normally, when there’s new content, the materials are very expensive, because people are rushing to max level their professions to get World first achievements. This is a great time to post any materials to the Auction House that you’ve looted, if you don’t intend to level your own professions from the start. The demand will be so high for materials that the prices can be extortionately high, take advantage of this whilst you can!

As the expansion settles, the prices for materials will stabilise. Be sure to check the Auction House periodically, to update your operations accordingly.

Following these tips and you can earn yourself some obscene amounts of gold from the beginning of the expansion.

Over the next few days, I will add the professions too. In the meantime, if Sheyrah releases her strings beforehand, I’d recommend checking hers out instead, as they’re always the best. Keep an eye out on her Twitter, for any future updates.

2 thoughts on “BFA TSM4 Raw Material String

  1. Hi there! Really appreciate you providing these – I’m new to TSM and I’ve imported these groups. Just one question: you mention that the prices are very volatile (and high) during the start of the expansion. In that case, would you recommend using the default operation to post auctions of raw ores/herbs in BfA, since the min/max price settings are based on current market competition?

    • Hi GGled and thanks for the comment.

      The first couple of weeks, the market for materials will be very volatile. My best suggestion, would be to manually post materials, CAREFULLY!

      This way, you can judge for yourself at that moment the best price. I know the AH is very slow at the moment, but if you’re posting a lot of items, post in max 200’s this will be more desirable to buyers and quicker posting for you.

      If the default price string calculates the minbuyout, then it’s worthwhile using. But be very cautious, people are putting stacks of 1’s cheap on the AH to manipulate this feature, hence why I recommend manual posting.

      At the end of the day, it’s up to you. If you have the patience and time, manual post them!

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