Barking in Trade Chat

Barking in trade chat is a massive part of being a gold goblin, as it informs potential customers of items that you have for sale, either via trade or via the auction house. I have many macros set up for certain alts, that help me advertise what I have for sale. Whether it’s high end transmog, TCG battle pets or proffesion crafts, barking in trade chat is very important aspect of making gold.

So I got thinking tonight, when I was looking through my sales on TSM3 and was very disappointed to see, that for someone that was merely the only seller of battle pets on a server, my sales were extremely low. Then it hit me, my level 100 alt, was selling pets on the wrong faction. Prior to all my other characters leaving the server, the server was Horde biassed, but since the realm was connected with another, it became heavilly biassed for Alliance players. Thankfully, auction houses are now neutral, but… when I’m barking in trade, there’s no one listening as there’s hardly any Horde players and Alliance cant see your messages. So what I did, instead of learning all the pets again and then going through the ordeal of leveling a Deathknight, caging the pets to sell on Alliance, I just made a level 1 and just barked on Alliance instead.

Ive seen a massive improvement already, so this led me to think, it might be beneficial to try and implement this on a wider scale. Thankfully, it’s proven to be the case. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it, but it’s something we may all overlook so easilly. It maybe something you might need, just to boost those sales, so go ahead and see if it helps you too!

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