TSM4.10 Guides

I don’t create TSM guides, but below I will add some recommendations of some guides that I believe will be a great asset to you getting started. Please drop by their websites, social media platforms and drop them some feedback.

I will update this post, once more guides become available for TSM4.10


An excellent beginners guide, showing every aspect of TSM. Each guide posted below for ease of use.

[TSM4.10] All New Features and Updates
[TSM4.10] How to Install
[TSM4.10] Beginners Guide | Basic Groups & Operations
[TSM4.10] Profession & Crafting Operations
[TSM4.10] Sniper Setup | Create Sniping Operations & Groups


If you prefer a written format, check out this great guide. Although it was written back in 2018 (upon the release of TSM4), it still guides you through the fundamentals of the TSM.

Other Guides (outdated)



To be updated.

One thought on “TSM4.10 Guides

  1. Speaking of guides, i found one about fast levelling!
    It’s particularly indicated for wow classic’s players, take a look!

    Edit: (Removed Link) Please don’t promote other sites, thank you!


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